Mixing Managed IT Services in Atlanta with Cloud Services

Every enterprise needs to aim at improving productivity and revenue as well as reputation, which can be achieved by hiring a provider of managed IT services in Atlanta. Not only can IT experts provide a smooth transition to the cloud— they can offer a wide variety of other services that can enhance your business and cybersecurity.

Here are ways this combination can bring you peace of mind:

Choosing Cloud Type

Due to security risks becoming part of the modern business landscape, you need to take your technology platforms seriously. Certain firms may face colossal penalties if data is breached as a result of not following federal regulations. Atlanta cloud computing options provide the opportunity to store your data safely on a private network that only your authorized users can access. A custom enterprise intranet solution set up and managed by IT experts is the safest way to operate in the cloud.

Some of the most widely used public clouds include Gmail, Dropbox, and Office 365. Public clouds are commonly free or involve a pay-for-use system. The fact that you can add or drop such services when you like makes them useful for scalability planning. A public cloud has plenty of security and you don’t have to invest in or manage the hardware that stores the data.

While public clouds provide affordability, private clouds are favored by security experts as more secure with better privacy protection. Your data will be surrounded by firewalls, as no other entity shares space on your private cloud, whereas you might share server space with multiple third parties on a public cloud. A private cloud can either exist onsite or on an exclusive offsite server. By keeping your data in a central place on dedicated servers, you will make it easier for managed IT services pros in Atlanta at your location or data center to monitor and manage.

Advantages of Hybrid Clouds

You may decide you like certain aspects of both private and public clouds while avoiding the drawbacks of each model. If you don’t want your data traveling across the open internet, you can utilize an onsite or offsite virtual server protected by firewalls and still subscribe to the public cloud services you need. The key is to keep critical and confidential data separate from less important disposable data, which doesn’t require protection.


Whether you control your own private server or use cloud servers owned by third-party data centers, you can create better business efficiency and data protection by working with a provider of managed IT services in Atlanta. Contact us here at MIS Solutions, Inc. to learn more about how we can minimize your risks of cyber threats and other disruptions to business continuity.

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