IT Services in Atlanta: The Danger of Using Old technology

IT services experts in Atlanta say that old technology can be a nightmare to any business. If you thought that sci-fi depictions are scary, think about how old technology can render you vulnerable to cyber attacks and the problems that will result from the incident. Legacy software on legacy machines tends to have many weak spots. Since cybercriminals are aware of this, they will exploit these weaknesses in launching their attacks.

Do Away With Those Outdated Systems

If you want to run a successful business, you must identify any weak point and find a solid solution. If you are constantly facing cyber attacks, find out the major cause. Maybe, the outdated systems and legacy machines are the reason cybercriminals are penetrating through your cybersecurity. Get rid of such systems. You will always be prone to attacks as long as you are using outdated software, which is no longer supported by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer does not support it, it means that you do not receive any security updates meant to patch the issue.

Who Is the Prime Target for Cyber Attacks?

Most SMBs rest on a false assumption that they cannot be a target of a cyber attack because the attacker will not benefit from them. Contrary to this popular belief, SMBs are usually the most targeted. Cybercriminals reason that small businesses are an easier target because they may not have enough funding to secure their networks or contract IT services in Atlanta. However, this is not to say big corporations are safe. No one is ever safe from a cyber attack. Take the example of the 2015 and 2016 Ukraine power grid attack by Russian hackers.

Medical facilities are another high-value target for a cyber attack. Healthcare centers have a lot of sensitive patient information stored electronically. In addition, cybercriminals will target critical components and infect them with malware. An incident is reported where EEG machines connected to children were infected with malware. It was such a big dilemma whether to risk lives by disconnecting them to update the software or pay ransomware to the hackers.

How Can You Prevent a Cyber Attack?

The best way to prevent cyber attacks is by regularly patching and updating all software and devices as soon as the updates are made available. Remember also that there is an end of life to everything. If your machines and software are outdated or no longer supported, get rid of them.

Cybersecurity should be a top priority in your business, and you need to start by getting rid of the legacy systems and outdated software. Contact MIS Solutions, Inc. for cybersecurity services and other IT services in Atlanta.

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