Managed IT Services in Atlanta: Server Virtualization and Its Many Benefits to SMBs

Large businesses have been using server virtualization for many years. Managed IT services experts in Atlanta recommend server virtualization because it brings significant benefits to companies that choose to make it a part of their technology strategy. The maturity of virtualization makes it a great choice for small to medium-sized businesses that are ready to take their IT to the next level.

Here are six of the top benefits that server virtualization will bring to your company, according to managed IT services experts in Atlanta:

1. It Makes Administration Easier

A significant number of IT departments spend the majority of their time doing routine administration tasks on multiple servers. With virtualization, you get a software console that automates and simplifies these tasks, making it easier to manage a host of servers.

2. It Makes Backup and Restoration Simpler

Taking backups is straightforward using today’s technology. However, restoring data can be a challenge without virtualization. Do you restore the file, the server, or the application? With virtualization, the restoration process is simpler because backups are integrated into the setup. Restoration requires only a few clicks of a mouse.

3. It Lets You Respond to Changing Business Needs Quickly

It takes time to buy a server, get it delivered, and have it built to your specifications. With server virtualization, the process time is significantly shortened. You provision a new virtual server which comes with the OS installed, then add your software to it.

4. It Improves Hardware Utilization

Many physical servers are underutilized with excess computing power and disk space that is not being used. With virtualization, you can use all of that extra power and space for multiple servers instead of just one.

5. It Minimizes the Effect of Human Errors

What happens if your OS administrator applies the wrong patch to your server? With virtualization, you can take a snapshot of the system before the installation. If something goes wrong with the update, you can restore the system back to the snapshot with a single command.

6. It Improves Your Company’s Uptime

Virtualization allows you to deploy technology which will help your systems stay up and running no matter what happens. For example, failover allows your system to switch from one server to another in case your primary node fails.

These benefits show why so many companies have adopted server virtualization over the years and why it remains such a mainstay in IT strategy. If you want to learn more about how this technology can help your business, contact us at MIS Solutions. We are the managed IT services provider in Atlanta SMBs depend on.

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