Managed IT Services in Atlanta: Which Cloud Options Best Fit Your Company

Three Clouds

A managed IT services provider (MSP) in Atlanta can help your business determine what kind of cloud options are best for your business. Certainly, you can go about making this choice yourself, but you may end up “reinventing the wheel” a bit. Here’s the thing: cloud providers certainly let you sign up for services you don’t need. Additionally, they aren’t apt to closely examine your business to determine what services would best fit you. Now if you’ve got some internal IT staff, they may be able to help you narrow down your needs such that you aren’t as under-served here, but they’re still operating from an internal perspective which is intrinsic to your company. This means they don’t have the perspective to anticipate certain impediments or advantages which can only be visualized from an exterior perspective like that which an MSP brings to the table. With these things in mind, three types of cloud computing will be evaluated here:

  • Public Cloud Options
  • Private Cloud Options
  • Hybrid Cloud Options

Public Cloud Options

A managed IT services provider in Atlanta can help you determine whether or not public cloud solutions will fit your business. The public cloud is basically a conglomeration of servers on which those with cloud service “rent space”. You’re basically partitioning a portion of a computational “field” of data which functions as a virtualized server that is compartmentalized from other clients. The amount you pay monthly determines how much computational power you have access to and how much space. There is a lot of space on some public clouds. Amazon’s cloud has a cloud server array of 1,000,000+ servers.

Private Cloud Options

A private cloud is either an internally-maintained “extranet” which is comprised of localized servers maintained on-site or is a server array to which other cloud clients besides yourself don’t have access. With the public cloud, your monthly fee covers a “rental space” on the public array. With a private cloud array, you’re operating on a separate system that doesn’t include other clients. As such, private cloud solutions are apt to be more costly. Usually, private clouds are managed by an MSP.

The Hybrid Solution

The hybrid cloud takes the best of both worlds and combines them together. You can run non-essential infrastructure on the public option and proprietary data on the public option, maximizing the utility and security of each.

Choosing Correctly

To determine which cloud options best fit your business, consult a managed IT services provider in Atlanta. Contact us now at MIS Solutions, Inc. to see what cloud options are recommendable for your operation and how to best make the switch.

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