IT Services in Atlanta Help Businesses Strike a Mobile Management Balance

Maximizing Mobile Performance

IT services in Atlanta can be fundamental in helping you institute and manage mobile infrastructure–something increasingly necessary for reasons of both profitability and competitiveness. Mobile solutions reduce costs and expand potential, initiating increased profit when properly managed.

Many businesses are learning to incorporate mobile infrastructure, meaning that those who lag behind will be less competitive in the marketplace. But instituting mobile infrastructure requires a concerted effort; not just for reasons of security, but for reasons of efficacy.

Mobile device management (MDM) deals primarily in facilitating visible, secure mobile operations. Meanwhile, Mobile performance management (MPM) helps to maximize a mobile infrastructure so that it represents an effective upgrade.

Instituting mobile solutions will be much more effective should such strategies be employed. When it comes to MPM, several areas of focus should be considered:

  • Optimization
  • Proper control
  • Performance analysis
  • Simplification of protocols in security


You need to have a mobile management system in place which puts priority on optimization. There’s a historical hack here via Moore’s Law, from which you can derive the best interval of upgrade to keep pace with modern technological innovations.

Every 18 months, technology doubles on itself in terms of computational ability. The domino effect of this trickles down to the general public after the fact.

Still, if you want the most cutting-edge mobile tech, you want to have mobile devices and software available which are balanced. You don’t want the absolute newest tech out there, you want one several iterations in–at that point, more bugs are ironed out. It’s the same with software. Of course, this is different for all hardware and software, which is one reason the right IT services in Atlanta are integral to the optimization process.

Proper Control

You should be able to cut access to the network remotely, reboot, monitor, and protect mobile devices. Doing so ensures their proper functionality and preserves your network from unwanted intrusion through unstable WiFi and the like.

Performance Analysis

Analyze performance, and apply this analysis to optimization efforts. Make this a proactive but continuous aspect of your mobile management solution.

Simplification of Protocols in Security

Mobile workers shouldn’t have to bend over backward and spend a long time accessing the network, but security must be maintained. Find the right balance.

Solidifying Your Mobile Infrastructure

IT services in Atlanta from MIS Solutions, Inc. can help you maximize and simplify security, acquire accurate performance analysis, properly control operations, and optimize effectively. Contact us now for more information on performance, as well as management of mobile devices, in addition to a variety of other security and professional technology solutions.

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