How an IT Services Provider in Atlanta Can Help You Implement Important Security Policies

IT services providers in Atlanta work with an ubiquity of diverse clients who require manpower and professionalism to provide proper service. This gives them perspective and accordingly wisdom in terms of technology that internal technology solutions likely aren’t likely to have. If you work with an MSP, you can tap into that knowledge for a monthly fee. If you’re working with an internal solution, you’ll spend more for that which increasingly delivers less as technology exterior to your company continues to develop. Still, there are a few policy decisions you can make that can help keep your operations running smoothly, and to some degree competitively. You’ll likely do better with an outsourced option, but you can always go the consulting route. Either way, several policies you should consider establishing include:

  • BYOD
  • Acceptable use policy (AUP)
  • Security awareness training and education
  • Incident response plans


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) can totally outsource in-office equipment, freeing up space and associated costs while increasing productivity. An IT services provider in Atlanta can help you design and implement protocols related to BYOD. Certainly, this can be done internally, but an MSP has already economized and optimized the BYOD “wheel”, and internally, you’d likely end up spending time and money retreading old issues.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

AUP refers to that which is acceptable on company technology. With BYOD, you’ll likely want to institute a means of isolating your cloud-floated network such that no exterior intrusion can compromise your system. What is and isn’t acceptable will differ per business, but if you don’t use an exterior MSP, you’ll likely find the “holes” in your AUP the hard way.

Security Awareness Training and Education

You need to train employees in proper BYOD and AUP protocols, then continue to educate them going forward. Technology continues to shift, moving forward in accordance with Moore’s Law intervals. This means you can’t train employees once. There should be initial training, then at least quarterly, your team should have a refresher which incorporates new breakthroughs.

Incident Response Plans

You need to have protocols in place for when things go awry and you need to test those protocols at intervals to ensure associated technology works as it should. Again, internal solutions are certainly possible, but working with an MSP is the best way to go here.

Optimized Protocols

An IT services provider in Atlanta like MIS Solutions, Inc. can help you source and apply protocols already pre-optimized through experiential use via service provision for diverse clients. Contact us now to get an idea of which protocols your operation should employ and how to best employ them.

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