What You Should Do If You Get a License Renewal Notification

Domain Names, SSL Certificates, Hardware and Software Licenses are Some of the Renewals We Handle for Our Clients

Part of the beauty of having an IT service provider handle your company’s network and technology is not having to worry about every small detail. And let’s face it, there are A LOT of details that are handled behind the scenes that makes technology work seamlessly. You know, like it’s supposed to.

Take renewals for instance. We can handle renewals for SSL certificates, domain names, hardware service and software licenses. It’s a service we offer to our clients to add value and make your life just a little less complicated. Besides, it’s easy to forget when a license or certificate is about to expire. But when it does, things stop working.

There have been several high profile instances of corporations who somehow forgot to renew their domain, including Regions Bank in 2013, the Dallas Cowboys in 2010, Microsoft in 1999 (not kidding) and more recently Marketo in July last year.

Marketo’s faux pas resulted in a hoard of angry customers not being able to access the company’s reporting systems when its website went poof. Luckily one of their customers was a domain name specialist who figured out what the problem was and renewed Marketo’s domain for them. He even tweeted the invoice at the company which resulted in a pretty humorous string of tweets. Even with his heroic measures, it took more than three hours to get the service back online.

So I guess the point of sharing that story is to let you know that bad things can happen if you forget a renewal, and also to let you know that we are available to take care of these details for you.

What You Should Do

If you receive an email notification telling you that a domain, license or other subscription is up for renewal, don’t wait until the last minute to take action. If you would like MIS to handle the renewal for you, contact me immediately so we can start the process. We want to allow plenty of time to process the request so there aren’t any disruptions to your business.

Just a little bit of proactivity will ensure that you don’t suffer from any lapses in service, security or support.

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