How Managed IT Services Providers in Atlanta Can Enhance BYOD Security

How Managed IT Services Providers in Atlanta Can Enhance BYOD Security

In today's complex business technology environment, the need for better BYOD security solutions from managed IT services providers in Atlanta is critical to overcoming security threats. In fact, cyberattacks on corporate networks are launched on mobile devices with vulnerabilities such as outdated programs, cases of ill-timed updates, and weak passwords.

With the increasing evolution of cybersecurity threats, mobile device management is essential to realize a failsafe security strategy for your internal networks. Here are the top solutions to enhance BYOD security within your organization, with the help of a reliable managed IT security company in Atlanta:

Implement Regular Phishing Tests

Social engineering frauds are on the rise and a major threat to mobile devices. Your employees could be tricked by voice phishing, SMS phishing, and phishing emails, which are woven with malware meant to infect your networks.

However, you can overcome these threats by running phishing tests to simulate their various forms to improve security awareness among your employees. As a result, they’ll be able to identify phishing attacks and avoid clicking on the content delivered by the phishing scams.

Build a Security Culture

Managed IT services providers in Atlanta help businesses improve enterprise security by running security awareness training. SAT ensures that every member of your organization is highly alert to defend against attacks by adherence to IT security procedures and policies. Following specific IT procedures developed by a qualified managed IT provider minimizes human errors, which can lead to cyberattacks.

The strict adherence to IT policies makes compliance easy to attain since your employees are incentivized to follow security best practices through continuous SAT. As a result, your staff members will provide a strong security layer for defense against cyberattacks.

Enforce VPN Protocols

How BYODs connect to your corporate networks is a significant factor in your security strategy; therefore, limiting access to your infrastructure through a VPN coupled with reliable authentication procedures is necessary.

Whether your employees are on the go or at your premises, VPN connections protect you from the injection of malicious codes, which are delivered through WI-FI connections with weak security safeguards. Secure online connections provide you with an efficient guard against data theft.

Improve App Safety

With a BYOD policy, rooted devices may find their way into your networks, and create an entryway for vulnerable apps. These apps are a backdoor for malware that siphons off sensitive information from your organization. Thus, it is essential to block these devices for protection against malware attacks.

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