Our IT Services Team in Atlanta Provides the IT Security Cheat Sheet Every Business Needs

Businesses of all sizes are susceptible to digital attacks. Small businesses are especially vulnerable as they typically lack the digital protections necessary to thwart the increasingly-diverse digital attack methods. Our IT services team in Atlanta is here to help with this handy IT cheat sheet.

Employee Education

Your team needs to know what to look out for in order to prevent hacks. As an example, every employee should understand how to verify email attachments and website links. Basic IT knowledge really can prevent a costly hack. Invest in annual employee training along with subsequent testing and you will dramatically reduce the chances of a nasty hack.

Protect and Preserve Data

Data that is at-risk must be identified and protected. Encrypt your data and it will be that much more difficult for hackers to access it. Three copies of the most important data should be stored. Use at least two different types of media for such storage. Be sure to keep another copy of your data off-site.

Beware of the Risk Posed by End-User Devices

End-user devices are commonly targeted as they change with regularity and prove challenging to secure. In some cases, end-user tools are at fault. These devices’ applications and operating systems should be patched at a high frequency and protected with anti-malware. If any security updates are issued, they should be applied without delay. Our IT services team in Atlanta is here to help monitor these devices to ensure complete protection.


Your computer network must be protected with a robust firewall. Firewalls are the initial barrier between your data and external threats. Invest in a stand-alone, professional firewall to block undesired external traffic. Use email and spam protection for reinforcement. Intrusion prevention and detection combined with event-log management will also help fortify your network. Don’t forget to lock down all wireless access points.

Data Usage

It is a mistake to let every single employee access the entirety of your company’s data. Restrict data access to those with the proper credentials. Every employee should be required to use highly complex passwords. These passwords must be changed periodically to ensure full protection. Our managed security team in Atlanta can help implement time-outs for computers not used for an extended period of time. We can also help create and implement end-user policies and internet-monitoring to ensure safe and acceptable internet use.

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