How Financial Firms Should Use IT Support in Atlanta

Financial institutions cannot afford to cut corners on IT support in Atlanta. Any company that handles large amounts of confidential data needs to put an extra high priority on security. As more businesses adopt cloud services, they must stay on top of the most robust security solutions. Here are some of the most important tasks that IT can do to protect your data:

Avoiding Big Breaches

The top reason that banks and other financial firms need to pay close attention to security is that they’ve become top targets among cybercriminals. In recent years several large financial institutions have been breached, despite using sophisticated software. Hackers are always learning new ways to breach systems, especially when it comes to exploiting legacy hardware or software.

IT experts should inform clients how networks can be disrupted by natural disasters as well as cybercriminals. Some of the main reasons for downtime are employee error and problems caused through email, such as clicking bait in a phishing scheme that unleashes malware. Employees need to be trained to spot and avoid suspicious emails. Many times, hackers try to impersonate famous brands and then trick the victim into clicking a link that compromises their system.

Strengthening Security with Encryption

One of the most effective ways to keep unauthorized personnel out of your private messages is to use email encryption. Your IT support in Atlanta can utilize a modern email platform that protects content without affecting end users. The key is that email encryption tools must be easy to use, as studies show that complexity is one of the main reasons why businesses don’t take proper security measures.

Another critical aspect of encryption is that it must be based on open standards and designed for a smooth cloud experience. Email is the primary way banks share information, yet email is how most bugs spread online. So, the IT team must stay up-to-date with the latest security solutions, such as end-to-end email encryption, which is more flexible than portal-based encryption. A recent study by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) found that 97% of its respondents agreed that encryption is very important for protecting sensitive data.

Businesses should stick with best practices when it comes to email encryption, which means supporting the “zero trust principle.” Zero trust means content creators control who gets to access their email messages.


Your IT support team in Atlanta is the key to making your network more secure. Using encryption and other modern security strategies will minimize downtime and disruptions. Contact us at MIS Solutions, Inc. to learn more about how we can make your network more powerful and protected from cybercrime.

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