The 3 Cs Accounting Firms Need to Know About Outsourcing IT Support in Atlanta

In a movement to adapt to technological changes, many accounting firms in Georgia have begun outsourcing their IT support in Atlanta. There’s no denying that the only way to go is digital if companies want to stay ahead in their industry now and in the future. How so? Here are a few reasons why technology is a must for accounting firms:

Competitive Edge

The right digital tools automate and streamline operations, resulting in simpler processes and faster turnaround times, which are exactly what clients want. Not surprisingly, accounting firms that can offer both will have a greater edge over the competition. Firms who refuse to adapt at all or adapt a little too late will lose even the most loyal clientele. Need proof? Just look at how Finnish mobile phone company Nokia lost their lead when they couldn’t keep up with the rise of the smartphone, or at how Kodak failed to dominate digital photography when they chose to retain a film-based business model.

Cost-Cutting Initiative

Spending on technology, in order to save money, sounds counterintuitive, but it isn’t in the long run if the money is spent wisely. Accounting firms in the state have a couple of options: invest in their own equipment and infrastructure or outsource their IT support in Atlanta. The first option is expensive and impractical because technology evolves so fast – what’s state-of-the-art today may be obsolete tomorrow. Thus, companies choose the second option instead, which is to get a subscription with third-party providers. These providers have their own resources, and client companies simply pay a fee (monthly, yearly, or per user) to have access to various services.

Compliance Requirements

Because of the nature of their industry, accounting firms handle confidential information for their clients, like personal and financial details. If a security breach occurs and compromises such information, the firm involved in the incident should inform their clients in a timely manner. Otherwise, the firm will be considered non-compliant and consequently subjected to costly fines. This is on top of legal expenses that will result from lawsuits from affected parties. Hence, the best course of action is preventive instead of reactive. To avoid expensive penalties and damages, firms should invest in technology that will fortify their security and partner with providers that can deliver such services.

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