Merits of Moving to Remote Desktop Services with the Help of IT Services Experts in Atlanta

Every organization is on the prowl for a means of helping remote workers remain connected. The implementation of Remote Desktop Services (RDS) has proven effective in this regard, especially when IT services experts in Atlanta help set it up. This technology empowers employees to access the network regardless of their location or device. As long as the device can connect to the web and is VPN compatible, the employee can connect as if sitting right there in the office.

The Benefits of Adding RDS

RDS will prove cost-effective after the beginning cost of setting up the server is out of the way. RDS server implementation decreases the time required for the implementation. Furthermore, time is saved with continued maintenance and management of the desktop infrastructure or the end users. As soon as devices are set up on the server level, it is quite easy to add a new user with a similar configuration. Therefore, the initial setup cost is divided amongst the total number of users. This is quite the contrast to the traditional PC environment in which each machine must be set up separately.

Improved Mobility

RDS is distinct from standard VPNs in that a session can be ended on one device and picked right back up at the same stage on a separate device. If you have any questions about how to connect while on the go, reach out to IT services experts in Atlanta.


Users connect to the same server, so updates are only necessary to guarantee each person has access to the latest version. Such an approach dramatically decreases time, costs, and the possibility for errors. Furthermore, once the server is set up, adding a new user will prove quick and easy.

Disaster Recovery

Consider an instance in which the office burns down or proves inaccessible. If employees are provided with a VPN device, they will be able to work as long as the RDS server is hosted in a separate location.

Better Security

RDS does not require the storage of data at the machine’s local level. It stops users from installing software that is not authorized. This means it enhances data protection that much more. This extra security empowers businesses to save money on costly laptops featuring encryption.

How to Know if RDS is Right for Your Business

In order to determine if RDS is right for you, consider the programs your team uses with regularity. If you use programs that take up a significant amount of memory, RDS might not suffice as there could be issues with speed. Certain programs like CAD and other graphics rendering software might not prove compatible with RDS. Furthermore, if you are not positioned at the location where the RDS server is, it will take plenty of time to upload large files. It will also help to know the printers that users will print to fro the RDS server when hosted in the cloud. RDS might not prove optimal if the printer is of the large-scale variety.

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