How IT Support in Atlanta Can Help You Totally Reinvent Your Office

IT support company in Atlanta can drastically reduce equipment costs and rental costs while increasing productivity and providing the same level of service. This is done through cloud computing and BYOD. If you’re unfamiliar, BYOD refers to Bring Your Own Device. This is a burgeoning business practice that outsources a given office to employees. So, instead of providing your workers with a desktop, laptop, or a smartphone, you allow them to use whatever technology they already have on your network. Of course, this will require some management. MSPs are fundamental here because they can help institute MDM, or Mobile Device Management. MDM uses things like proactive monitoring, remote wiping capability, and multi-factor verification to ensure that operations conducted without the premises of your business are secure.


When you’ve got BYOD with solid MDM providing security support, you can take an office of ninety and totally outsource it. Let the workers stay at home, work from the library, or their favorite coffee shop, provided it has a secure internet connection. You’ll want an MSP in place to help design protocols which will detect secure networks and ensure you don’t get undermined by some dummy WiFi, set up to reap access protocols and undermine user data. Still, you can find such protection solutions. The cost you would have had to pay for both employees and their workspace can be outsourced via BYOD and the cloud.

Increased Productivity

What’s more, this yields more productivity. IT support company in Atlanta are increasingly sought to help businesses establish solid BYOD solutions for just this reason. When employees can work from home, miss long boring commutes, reduce vehicle wear-and-tear, and conduct themselves profitably, they’re likely to be more productive. For a more in-depth examination of why BYOD institutes increased productivity, check out this link.


Keep your eye on the technology horizon as well. BYOD will soon become facilitated through DaaS. Now there are currently two acronyms out there that are represented as “DaaS”, and both pertain to the cloud. DaaS is usually used to represent Desktop as a Service and indicates a cloud solution wherein a floated “desktop” is projected through the cloud that employees can access from wherever they happen to be in order to do their work.

Meanwhile, DaaS stands also for Device as a Service, and is paying a monthly fee to enjoy the utility of devices and computers. If one breaks, notify the DaaS provider, and they’ll collect the faulty one. Then, they’ll supply you with a new one, all at a singular monthly rate. That said, this secondary DaaS has yet to hit the market, but it will likely do so very soon. Having the right MSP available to help you determine if such a solution is right for you makes sense.

BYOD for Your Business

There are many IT support company in Atlanta, but you should choose MIS Solutions, Inc.. We can help you apply the latest BYOD protocols to your business, reducing operational expense and expanding profitability. Contact us to see what can be done for your operations.

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