Managed IT Services in Atlanta: Cloud Migration for SMBs

Today, most SMBs are turning to managed IT services providers in Atlanta in the quest to migrate their applications and IT infrastructure to the cloud. Some do so because of media and advert influence, while others are compelled by industry colleagues and partners. Some SMBs end up joining this bandwagon without doing a proper analysis of benefits, cost, and any complexity that may come with cloud migration.

There is a lot to be done before making the decision. Evaluate the cloud technology to determine whether it fits your business strategy. Most managers are attracted by the moving of on-site premises to remotely managed data centers. This, of course, comes with simplicity, flexibility, and scalability. However, you still need certain technical capabilities.

Managed IT services providers in Atlanta advise SMBs to view the cloud not just as a means of achieving their objectives, but also as a means for their daily operations. Cloud services in Atlanta are the best option for achieving performance and operational benefits even with their limited resources.

Most SMBs prioritize security, infrastructure, and data handling. The cloud is meant to offer simplicity. However, some complexities may come up because the IT world is increasingly becoming broader. For efficiency, the cloud applications must be managed properly to reduce costs.

SMBs Cloud Migration

In the past, SMBs would perform their functions independently. However, as everything keeps advancing, they are now forced to seek IT help, including cloud services from MSPs. Each SMB is unique when it comes to which workloads and applications to move to the cloud. Some of the challenges include choosing among the three types of the cloud: hybrid, private or public cloud.

As SMBs make their migration, they must consider return on investment (ROI), which is the major reason for moving operations to the cloud. ROI calculation can be very complex a task. It involves a thorough analysis of opportunities, goals, and the competitive advantage. You must also consider the capital of on-premises versus the cloud when calculating ROI. In addition, you must look beyond factors, such as utilization metrics and capacity.

It is a fact that cloud migration is going to cost SMBs a significant amount of capital and time. There are also privacy and compliance issues to be taken into account. Overall, cloud migration comes with advantages, such as backup and disaster recovery, mobility, storage, and security. Thus, this makes the investment worthy. With the help of a managed IT services provider in Atlanta, you will make a smooth transition to the cloud. Contact us now at MIS Solutions for more insight into cloud migration for SMBs.

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