Managed IT Services in Atlanta: An Insight into Cloud Migration

Today, most businesses have adopted managed IT services in Atlanta. This is because businesses are now centered on technology. Don’t get left behind! When it comes to your business, you need to move away from inefficient IT infrastructure and old data center assets. It is time to move workloads and applications to the cloud and start enjoying benefits, such as agility, consolidation, lower costs, and increased productivity.

However, before choosing cloud computing in Atlanta, you must first develop a sound strategy that will help you in the migration. Here are some of the things that you should consider:

Application Mapping and Assessment

Before deciding on what to move to the cloud, you must first know all the applications that currently run in the data center. You can obtain this inventory using dependency mapping and application discovery. Get a clear insight into the apps in terms of:

  • Performance
  • Application type and version
  • Interdependencies
  • Security setup and rules
  • OS version and patches
  • Server, networking, and storage characteristics

Understanding the architecture of the applications will help you determine which apps to move to the cloud and how to move them. Some apps may need some re-engineering so that they can be hosted in the cloud, while others do not. Through application mapping, you will know which apps are ready to be re-hosted in the cloud without any modifications.

Which Apps Do You Move and Which Ones to Leave Behind

Not all applications are fit for cloud migration. Legacy applications, for example, may be having outdated hardware, and these definitely should not be lined up for migration. Most organizations prioritize applications such as RRP, CRM, E-commerce, HCM, and Linux and x86 workloads.

Mistakes to Avoid When Migrating Workloads to the Cloud

Managed IT services in Atlanta are performed on many apps, which must be clustered on the basis of dependencies and usage so as to be matched with compatible instances in the cloud. This process should never be skipped because it determines the performance of each workload under different variations. Any error means that the app and its dependencies may not work in the cloud.

When is the Right Time to Migrate?

The usage cycles and interdependencies will determine when to migrate. However, you need not rush the migration waves and you must consider the efficiencies and ROI. Automation software will help you counter migration challenges.

Cloud migration will not happen all at once. You must give it some time. But with the help of a managed IT services provider in Atlanta like MIS Solutions Inc., you will achieve it. Contact us now.

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