IT Support in Atlanta: Reasons Why You Should Encrypt Your Emails

Before technology became the in thing in organizations, firms used to communicate to their internal and external stakeholders through mail sent via the post office. The security accorded to any mail was determined by the nature of the information that the firm wished to communicate. Confidential information was sent via secured or registered mail. Today, emails are the most common means by which firms get to communicate to their stakeholders. Sadly, the Internet is awash with hackers lurking around waiting to intercept emails sent by firms to their stakeholders. Good news though, with IT support in Atlanta, you can secure your emails by encrypting them.

What is Email Encryption and How Does It Work?

Email encryption works by ensuring that the transmitted email message can only be read by the person sending and receiving it. End-to-end encryption is the safest way of sending both your personal and corporate emails. Once your IT support provider in Atlanta configures your IT system to encrypt your email messages, all the emails sent from your end will go out encrypted to ensure that only the person you intended to receive the email gets to read it. Nobody in between, a hacker or any other third party, will be able to intercept your email.

For end-to-end encryption to work, both you (the sender) and the recipient of your email must be in possession of cryptographic keys. As a sender of the message, you will use your recipient’s public key to encrypt the message. Upon receiving the email, the recipient will use his or her private key to decrypt the message.

Reasons Why You Should Encrypt Your Emails

  • Protection against business risk – Sending unencrypted emails can expose you to business risk, especially when a hacker gets access to information which can adversely affect your business. Hackers can intercept unsecured emails and steal confidential information contained in those emails and use them to achieve their own agendas.
  • Authentication of sent emails – a managed security provider in Atlanta can help you check and verify any email received by checking if the sender used their public key. It is impossible for a sender who encrypted email to deny that he/she sent you the email.

At MIS Solutions, Inc, we believe that you should encrypt both your personal and corporate emails. In our experience as a leading IT support provider in Atlanta, we have found that hackers go to extreme lengths to hack emails. Don’t fall prey to these cyber attackers. Contact us now and let us help secure your emails.

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