IT Services in Atlanta Can Help You Do More than Read the Writing on the Wall

IT services in Atlanta can help you identify signs which indicate it’s time for you to upgrade your disaster recovery strategies. There are several key aspects of sub-par disaster recovery solutions:

Singularity of Location

A business that only has one location is at risk for bankruptcy and dissolution. There are a few reasons for this, chiefly a lack of redundancy in backups. Consider McDonald’s to get an idea of this reality. Should one McDonald’s location lose all information digitally stored pertaining to operations, they wouldn’t really be all that inconvenienced— another location could send them all the pertinent data. Some figures pertaining to local operations may be lost, but that’s it. Meanwhile, MacGruder’s, which is a burger joint that only has one location, would be seriously impacted if all their systems crashed. If your business only has one location, you need to read the writing on the wall and institute secure, redundantly maintained solutions that will protect you.

Lack of Offsite Storage Solutions

IT services providers in Atlanta will always recommend an off-site storage solution if you don’t already have one. Part of that recommendation comes from the propensity for total loss should something knock out onsite data storage. There’s a 3, 2, 1 rule worth internalizing. You should have three different backups on at least two different types of media, and at least one of those backups should be located offsite.

On-Site IT

If you are running an internal IT solution with on-site technology experts, you could be in greater danger than you realize. Though it may seem as though you’ve done the right thing, you’ve got to realize that an internal team is limited in terms of resources and expertise. This means should something undermine systems, you will have the ability to get it fixed, but it’s going to cost more.

Meanwhile, a solution that’s hosted through a service provider of some variety is going to have built into their agreement disaster preparedness solutions. Working with them can help you get back on track in the wake of a disaster without having to spend as much. You get a better level of security and acquiring it costs you less than doing so through your own means.

IT services in Atlanta through MIS Solutions, Inc. can help you reduce the costs involved with operations while simultaneously providing you better technology solutions— especially in terms of security. If you’ve evaluated operations and found them insufficient, please feel free to contact us for tech and security solutions designed for sustainable optimization.

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