5 Reasons Why IT Services Experts in Atlanta Recommend Cloud Computing

IT services experts in Atlanta are increasingly recommending that their clients make the cloud switch– if not a total transition, that they, at least, look into some fringe areas of operations where a transition could prove cost-effective and profitable. There are many reasons for this. One is basic competitiveness, another is convenience. Following are several benefits of a cloud transition and cloud services:

1. Broad connectivity
2. Hardware cost reduction
3. SaaS enablement
4. Optimized utility of employees
5. Productivity expansion

Broad Connectivity

IT services experts in Atlanta can help you find cloud providers that will fit the needs of your organization and do so wherever you happen to have internet connectivity. Cloud connectivity is prescient. You can outsource your office, provided employees have means of accessing the internet securely and proper credentials. Security as sourced through the cloud also has a higher level of mobile connectivity protection than some built-in solutions.

Hardware Cost Reduction

When you’ve acquired universal connectivity, you don’t need to root offices at a specific location. Well, not all offices. There are many employees who don’t need to have a cubicle and a designated operational area. They could work from home, and they’ll likely be more productive as a result.

So, what do you get? You can outsource the server and personnel who must maintain it to the cloud, saving you tens of thousands–if not hundreds of thousands, depending on the size of your business–annually. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and Device as a Service (an as-yet developing DaaS) can take the place of your company or employees acquiring devices. This secondary DaaS has yet to go mainstream, but cloud computing needs are heading in that direction. Essentially, you can replace all hardware expenses with the cloud, if you were so inclined.

SaaS Enablement

SaaS is Software as a Service. For example, you might have a word-processing program hosted on the cloud that is accessible from multiple areas, provided that credentials are available. Everything is stored centrally, and the software works as you expect it to–and likely much faster, given the scope of many cloud solutions. Additionally, Platform as a Service (PaaS) allows you to “simulate” multiple platforms as necessary to test designed software from your own company. This saves your business time and money in many ways.

Optimized Utility of Employees

With the cloud, you can cut positions from operations that are now anachronistic in light of technology development while simultaneously maximizing the output of primary employees. Logging on or off can be your “time clock” unless employees are paid per assignment. You can segment, compartmentalize, and maximize with greater efficiency through the cloud.

Productivity Expansion

When you can cut out operational expenses related to equipment, software, production, infrastructure and even rental space (if you outsource parts of your office), then you get an expansion of capital. This can help you scale out or refine operations. Altogether, productivity has a high potential for expansion.

Transitioning to the Cloud

IT services in Atlanta through MIS Solutions, Inc. can help you make the cloud transition in a way that maximizes your operational output while minimizing its cost. Contact us to learn more about cloud computing solutions.

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