IT Support in Atlanta: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Public Cloud

When considering IT support in Atlanta, it can be hard to miss the benefits that public cloud computing can give your business; but are there any downsides? It is true that there are a number of ways in which the cloud can be a useful addition to a company’s IT infrastructure. Yet, careful consideration of the type of applications that need to be transferred is also important, as it may not be the ideal solution in all cases. For example, a large, web-based application with many users is ideal, whereas one used by a small group in one location may be better served by being kept in-house.

Advantages of the Public Cloud

The main advantage to using the cloud is the price. It will mean a reduction in the cost of hardware, as servers no longer need to be purchased and used on site. The respective installation, operational, and maintenance costs are also reduced, as well as the staff required.

As upfront costs are minimized, ongoing charges can be reduced in that you only pay for the number of resources that are actually being used. No longer will your IT department have to budget for a potential surge in usage, just in case. The resources are all ready and waiting. You will be charged if you use them, but you will be saving money when you don’t. This ultimately means that usage of the cloud for any of your applications is completely scalable. If at any time you feel you need to expand your systems, the possibility is there for you without any expensive hardware outlay.

Disadvantages of the Public Cloud

As always, nothing is perfect. The disadvantages of having your infrastructure on a public cloud should be considered. Good IT support companies in Atlanta can help with these problems and in some cases eradicate them but you should still be aware of the possible dangers. If you work in a highly regulated industry, regulatory compliance can be a worry with the public cloud. When dealing with a cloud provider, it is important that they focus on data security and accessibility for your users. Your data will be held somewhere along with systems and data from other companies, albeit in a secure way. It can still be vulnerable if hackers can gain access via another company’s shoddy security systems. You need to be confident that your provider will protect your data from this vulnerability.

Finally, never forget that a cloud provider is just as much at risk from natural and man-made disasters as any other company. It may be prudent to have a thorough disaster plan for recovery by duplicating your applications with an alternate cloud company or on any hardware within your offices in the event of a disaster.

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