Benefits of Fully Utilizing Online Backup with Managed IT Services in Atlanta

Managed IT services providers in Atlanta have to remain cutting edge and continuously branch-out into new areas of technology for the greatest profitable reliability. Technology is always changing. While the trickle-down for this from development centers to the general community can take years, it still makes sense for MSPs to stay ahead of something becoming normalized in a community. Right now, cloud-computing solutions, especially those concerning backup security, have started to acquire a more mainstream flavor. This innovation has become affordable, and as a result, many new tech companies are springing up to provide online storage services. Many businesses are interested in such services because they do offer some desirable benefits, including:

  • Essentially unlimited storage capacity
  • Greater redundancy and overall security
  • Options competitively are priced
  • Access to files from wherever you have a good web connection
  • More secure BDR and DRaaS possibilities

Essentially Unlimited Storage Capacity

Managed IT services providers in Atlanta can provide you with online backup solutions including essentially unlimited data storage. Certainly, there are limitations, but they are at such high levels of data as to be essentially inconsequential. You can choose unlimited storage options, or you can be conservative with your data and choose options that have a cap. Your best bet may be to estimate the size of the storage you will need in a year and buy something five or six times that size. Then you can scale outward when your business has grown.

Greater Redundancy and Overall Security

With online storage, most providers have backups on separate servers, which exist in more than one location. Additionally, they deal with a diverse clientele and must remain competitively viable, which predicates top-tier security. This is a core prerogative of their business model, ultimately. Between diversity of experience, redundancy, and core prerogatives, online security options have many natural forces prodding them into greater areas of secure operations than the vast majority of their clientele are able to achieve.

Options Are Priced Competitively

Because cloud computing, online storage, and other similarly aligned innovations are now becoming mainstream, competition is quite hot. This means you can find affordable packages that fit your needs for less than you will likely be able to once things have evened out. Now is the time to get in on what will be described as a legacy contract in the future! Additionally, you are likely to pay less with an online storage solution than you are for an on-site server array and the backup server array that must necessarily accompany it.

File Access from Wherever You Have a Good Web Connection

In terms of security, you may find that some connections are not allowed to access your cloud. Still, if you have a secure, trustworthy connection, that is all you need to access anything, anywhere.

BDR and DRaaS

Online storage through the cloud can be combined with backup and disaster recovery in Atlanta (BDR), as well as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). These are better used for some cloud solution, and additionally, they are integral components of a secure network today.

Securing Online Backup Solutions

Managed IT services in Atlanta through MIS Solutions, Inc. can help you find the online backup solution best for your company. Contact us to learn more about online backup.

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