Pitfalls to Avoid When Looking for a Managed IT Services Provider in Atlanta

A report issued in 2015 shows 2/3 of businesses relied on an outside IT company for assistance in the prior year. Cloud computing has gone mainstream, so it makes sense that more and more businesses are cutting out IT support providers that operate on a pay-by-the-hour model. These support providers are being replaced by managed service providers (MSPs). If you have not yet made the switch to a provider that operates on the managed services model, do not sign up with the first one you find. There really are meaningful differences between MSPs. Here is a look at some of the most common pitfalls to avoid when sorting through managed IT services teams in Atlanta:

Failing to Check Certifications

As you search through managed IT services businesses in Atlanta, you will likely find every single one claims they provide elite service. There is no way to gauge this claim aside from signing up for service and seeing just how good it really is. However, it will certainly help to determine if they are certified. To be more specific, look for certified engineers. Examine their qualifications, experience, awards, and other merits before making a decision. Furthermore, you should gauge whether the candidate has vendor solutions that adhere to the industry’s International Computer Security Association (ICSA) certifications as well as any other relevant certifications.

The Issue of Compliance

Staying in accordance with compliance regulations and rules is critically important for every MSP. This is especially true when supporting businesses in industries with policies meant to limit data access. So be sure to do your research and guarantee the provider you select has ample industry experience and knowledge to safeguard your business against security breaches that could potentially end up costing a ton of money. The average cost of a data breach has jumped 15% in the past three years. The financial burden is made even worse by potential regulator fines and lawsuits.

Selecting a Provider That Lacks Experience

Consider the number of years the candidate has been operating. The length of time they have been in business will speak volumes about the quality of their services. If they are worth their keep, clients will continue to pay for services as time progresses. These are the loyal customers that keep the company in business across posterity. The bottom line is experienced providers are more likely to be worth the cost. Just as important is the fact that they have had the opportunity to deal with all sorts of unique IT and tech situations to boot.

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