How IT Support Experts in Atlanta Can Solve Healthcare IT Problems

How IT Support Experts in Atlanta Can Solve Healthcare IT Problems

If you have a small healthcare company, keeping up with the current technology and having good support for your IT systems can be a huge headache. Thankfully, that is where IT support experts in Atlanta can be the answer to all your problems. Whatever type of business you are in, when you are a small company, IT issues can take up a lot of your time and budget. Some companies cannot afford to employ a dedicated IT specialist and others can be beset with regulations and compliance, which in the healthcare setting includes HIPAA.

Keeping Patient Data Private

Do you have worries about security when it relates to patient confidentiality and data privacy? Traditionally, being able to ring-fence your company’s IT systems was enough to keep hackers out so that your data remained safe. Unfortunately, these days, this has become more complicated because of the way in which we work.

Often, health professionals want to access medical files while they are out of the office, maybe because they have been called to an emergency or because they are working elsewhere out of normal work hours. Not only does the method of access have to be secure with encryption and multi-factor authentication, but the device from which they are accessing the records has to be secure as well.

Keeping Technology Up-To-Date and Hackerproof

It can also be difficult to make sure that your infrastructure stays up with the current trends so that your patients can attend an up-to-date facility. Your IT systems also need to be advanced enough to withstand hackers and potential viruses or ransomware and to keep up with the ever-changing ways in which these incursions occur. And if the worst should happen, you must have a thorough disaster recovery plan in place; this will help you to get up and running again as soon as possible so that you can continue to treat your patients.

The Solution

The trouble is that all this sounds very expensive and almost impossible if you only have a small IT department or none at all. So, why not let IT support experts in Atlanta take over the worries for you. It is possible to find an MSP that is completely skilled in all these areas, particularly for businesses in the healthcare industry, and the IT provider will cost you less money than you might expect.

When you employ an MSP, you would have access to the whole of their expert technicians. You can get 24-hour support help when your systems crash, proactive help to sort out problems before they cause such a crash, and disaster recovery plans that can restore your systems quickly if they fail.

Your patients deserve the best, and so do you. If you want to make sure your IT systems are safe and secure, then you need to find an IT support company in Atlanta, such as MIS Solutions, that has expertise in HIPAA compliance and is very familiar with the IT problems that healthcare companies experience. Contact us today and we will be happy to help you with your IT needs.