IT Support in Atlanta Can Be Essential to Remain HIPAA-Compliant

IT support in Atlanta is constantly dealing with this reality: cybercrime, a multi-trillion-dollar industry, has a history of targeting healthcare institutions. There are a lot of reasons for this. Records kept can be essential means of stealing. Patient records often have a lot of core information about individuals and can additionally be used in a “Big Data” sense to identify further trends that are lucrative to cybercriminals. The U.S. debt is around $18 trillion right now, and cybercrime is expected– -as per the first link in this writing— to reach $6 trillion in collateral losses by 2021. That’s a third of the U.S. national debt. This is an industry. It’s like the film industry, collegiate education, or the military-industrial complex.

There are entire firms that employ people legitimately for the purposes of stealing information or undermining businesses, large and small. If you think your healthcare practice is too small for this, consider that 43% of cybercrime is targeted at small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). A 10-person team in some out-of-the-way place located in the middle of rural South Dakota is a prime target— especially because they’re more likely to pay. A ransomware attack that isn’t answered with swiftness could result in the death of patients.

Where HIPAA Becomes Relevant

Here is where HIPAA actually kind of saves the day a bit— provided you’ve got the right kind of support. There’s such a thing as shared liability, and it works like this: if your systems are so insecure that they are found to be out of compliance, then not only do you get fined, but so does the MSP you were working with. This gives IT support in Atlanta serving healthcare institutions a built-in prerogative to provide the right kind of service. If they drop the ball, they risk losing a client and also risk getting slapped with a hefty fine by HIPAA through shared liability.

So, if you outsource your internal IT to an MSP, you can rest assured that they will do everything in their power to ensure that your operations run as smoothly as possible and as securely as possible. This is in addition to saving your medical practice the cost of on-site technology support, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars in terms of equipment and tens of thousands more in terms of operational personnel.

Good luck finding someone to run your dedicated internal server for less than $30k a year. In fact, good luck finding that individual for less than $50k a year. Also, as your business scales up, you’ll need more employees and equipment. All these things being said, a combination of advantages resulting from the use of an MSP for your healthcare facility includes:

  • More Cost-Effective Scalability
  • Increased Security
  • Reduced Operational Expense
  • Expanded HIPAA Compliance

Safeguarding and Optimizing Your Healthcare Business

IT support in Atlanta through MIS Solutions, Inc. can make your healthcare business more secure, and it can additionally help you optimize operations so that they don’t cost as much internally. All the way around, you’re looking at substantial advantages here. If you haven’t recently considered upgrading your IT in terms of infrastructural support via MSP, it might be time to. Contact us for top-tier, secure solutions.

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