Benefits of DaaS Provided By A Managed IT Services Provider in Atlanta

Managed IT services providers in Atlanta has been offering desktop as a service (DaaS) to businesses of all types. DaaS is a cloud service that uses a virtual desktop infrastructure that allows companies to have access to the latest technology from any location. Instead of using outdated software, this technology is updated on a frequent basis to ensure that each company is receiving the highest quality service. These are the benefits you can get when you use DaaS:

Improve Productivity

Solving your technical needs can become a daunting task when your company doesn’t have a large in-house IT team. Luckily, DaaS will allow your IT team to focus on more critical areas of work without getting distracted with day-to-day IT activities. This newfound freedom will reduce stress in the office and significantly boost the productivity of each employee in the IT department.

Increase Security

Security is always a top concern for any organization. DaaS can help you reduce the risk of becoming the next victim of a cyber attack. For example, the vast majority of security breaches happen at the edge of a network. DaaS is utilized through the cloud, which is much more protected than an employee’s phone or computer. The increase in security will help your business avoid encountering a vast amount of cyber attacks and allow you to experience minimal downtime.

Improve Mobility

Your employees are always on the go. Partnering with a managed IT services provider in Atlanta will allow them to work from any location and fully take advantage of DaaS. For example, an employee can work at home one day and in another city the next day on a business trip. This improved flexibility will allow employees to work from almost anywhere in the world and can help boost morale since employees are not restricted to work inside the office all day.

Financial Advantages

Another benefit of DaaS is that it gives you a financial edge over your competitors. Instead of always purchasing the newest software, you’ll receive these updates as soon as they’re available at no additional cost. Having an IT provider ensures that you pay an affordable monthly rate without worrying about any hidden fees. In other words, you’ll be able to easily budget months in advance, which gives you a financial advantage.

DaaS is an excellent technology offered by a managed IT services provider in Atlanta. Whether your business is big or small, DaaS will allow you to improve productivity, security, mobility, and give you a financial advantage. MIS Solutions is an IT provider that’s passionate about helping businesses take full advantage of DaaS. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Let us discuss how DaaS can positively impact your company.

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