IT Support in Atlanta: Should VoIP Be a Part of Your DRP?

Business owners and managers should be aware that disasters can occur at any point in time. You need a foolproof disaster recovery plan in place. Our IT support company in Atlanta is here to help you prepare for disasters of all varieties. Here are a few ways to look at whether VoIP should be a component of your disaster recovery plan:

Disasters and VoIP

Disasters can cause significant damage if they disturb your VoIP system. If your VoIP system goes offline, you will inevitably suffer diminished productivity, lose customers and miss out on revenue. However, there are some disaster recovery procedures that can mitigate the damage or entirely prevent it. The bottom line is VoIP preparations are essential to sound disaster recovery plans.

Be Careful When Selecting a VoIP Provider

Do not rush through the VoIP system selection process. Verify the service-level agreement prior to making a commitment. Find out all the details about security and guarantees. Your partner should host VoIP systems in spaces that will not be affected by local disasters. Furthermore, you should use advanced network security services to keep your calls fully protected.

Make Use of VoIP Monitoring Services

Do not implement a disaster recovery solution unless you have already put a third-party VoIP monitoring service in place. This service checks the status of the phone systems. It determines if there are network issues that affect the phone systems and provides you with the opportunity to resolve them in a timely manner. If you have any questions about installing and using such monitoring systems, our IT support team in Atlanta can help.

Send Calls to Other Devices

Hosted VoIP empowers you to select where your calls are received. You can also make use of call forwarding to boot. This is a feature that routes inbound calls to devices registered with your company. So if the primary office is down as a result of a network outage or a disaster, your team will still be able to work from mobile devices without issue. However, you must register employees’ mobile devices with the VoIP system and configure the devices that calls will be sent to. Do not overlook establishing policies for working in a remote manner. Rules must be in place to stop staff from connecting to public wireless networks that can lead to VoIP eavesdropping.

A Broadband Line Should be in Place

You need a broadband line as a backup. VoIP solutions require the web to be functional. If the network falters, you will need a backup or an alternate web service. In an ideal situation, a single internet service provider will be fully dedicated to the VoIP service as another supports the main computer network. Install both networks and you can program them to transfer services to one another in the event that a network fails. This way, you can switch the VoIP solution to another network if the primary phone network is out of service.

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