Here’s Why You Need Network Security Assessments from an IT Services Provider in Atlanta

Every organization should have a network assessment performed regularly. This important review analyzes traffic flows, network solutions, the design principles of security and other security information of concern. Our IT services team in Atlanta has a network security assessment that even goes as far as interviews with important stakeholders to provide an in-depth understanding of data flows, critical infrastructure and overall security.

The Information You are Looking For

Let our IT services group in Atlanta help with your network security assessment and you will have a thorough understanding of the current environment’s security.  You will also obtain a comprehensive understanding of the important network segments and assets that must be kept secure. This assessment will enhance your organization’s security from all angles, whether it is along the perimeter, internal security or beyond.

Your network security assessment will also provide an array of recommendations to improve security. They might come in the form of architectural enhancements or other types of changes. This is the information and advice you need to make wise decisions concerning data security and information architecture.

Prevent Downtime

If your network security assessment reveals one or several ways a hacker can access your network and unleash a virus, you will be in a position to be proactive as opposed to reactive. Address the problem now before it causes downtime. Downtime will put a massive dent in your team’s productivity and cause you to miss out on sales leads. Furthermore, the lack of system access will also frustrate current customers and employees to boot. Adopt a proactive approach to network security with regular assessments and you won’t have to wait to take action until a crisis unfolds.

Prevent the Theft of Sensitive Data

The best reason to conduct a network security risk assessment is to stop hackers from accessing your organization’s sensitive data. Your clients should not have to deal with the fallout of data exposure simply because your organization failed to perform a network security assessment. Get the assessment done at least once per year to keep client data fully secure. This is the peace of mind you and your clients need to exchange information, including financial information, in full confidence.

Additional Benefits of a Network Security Assessment

A regular network security assessment also provides an opportunity to analyze the impact of SSL traffic on the overarching security strategy. It might be possible to implement technologies to add value to the current infrastructure. The assessment provides an opportunity to enhance cloud security, pinpoint capital expenditures to reduce through functionality consolidation, obtain a balance between security and compliance and gauge how minor changes have a big impact on security posture.

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