How Cloud IT Services in Atlanta Can Benefit Financial Institutions

IT services in Atlanta are integral to many industries, not least of them finance. Today, this integral need has expanded due to technological innovations like cloud computing. With the cloud, businesses of all kinds, large and small, can experience extreme savings while retaining previous technological advantages. In fact, through the cloud, many businesses gain abilities they would not have been able to acquire previously. In pertinence to finance, there are several specific aspects of this support worth considering as you decide whether to make the cloud switch or not. Should you decide to go through with this transition, noteworthy considerations include:

  • Data encryption
  • Compliance certifications
  • Data segregation between customers
  • Institution of an effective data recovery solution

Data Encryption

IT services in Atlanta have become increasingly fundamental in protecting secure data, and this is even truer when it comes to cloud computing. Thankfully, many encryption protocols inhere to cloud design. But financial organizations really need to “cover their bases” when it comes to this issue. Cloud computing in Atlanta runs applications from a data center that’s separate from a financial institution’s primary location. That means any data transfer will send information between multiple diverse locations. If it isn’t encrypted, it’s wide open for theft. Cut-rate cloud solutions can seriously compromise the integrity of your security. The right MSP can safeguard these digital transactions.

Compliance Certification

Compliance certifications are a class of security that’s of the “necessary evil” variety. They’re good because they keep you and your clients safe— the same goes for other businesses with whom you work. But they’re inconvenient in that if you’re found to be operating cloud-based systems without proper compliance certifications, there could be consequences. Working with an MSP can help safeguard you from such certification-related fallout.

There are quite a few certifications to consider, also. The TRUSTe, AICPA SPC, and Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) are especially notable. As you make the cloud switch, you need to have certified proof that whatever vendor you’ve chosen to work with has been properly certified. If you’re too cheap on this issue, it could seriously impact business. Check cloud providers for the proper certs.

Data Segregation Between Customers

With the cloud, resources are shared among multiple diverse clients. It’s notable that this exceptional benefit can be a great detriment if you go with the wrong cloud provider. You want to determine how your data is parsed out from other clients sharing the same cloud. Things should be securely separated.

Institution of an Effective Data Recovery Solution

Last, but certainly not least in terms of importance, is data recovery. There are a lot of different data recovery solutions out there. You want something that can provide the most instantaneous solution possible. Ideally, you’re looking for a mirrored network solution that can be activated the moment monitored systems are on the verge of a crash or other security threat. Proactive monitoring and support are likewise integral here.

Switching Your Financial Services Company to The Cloud

IT services in Atlanta through MIS Solutions, Inc. can provide you requisite security, secure client segregation, proper certification, and effective data encryption. Contact us for top-tier cloud solutions designed to safeguard and optimize your business.

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