12 Must-Have Gifts for the Tech Lover on Your List

Wondering what to get your techy friends this Christmas season? We’ve pulled together a list of 12 awesome gifts you need to check out!


Know someone who is constantly misplacing their phone, keys, remote or other items? You might want to give them a TrackR, a small Bluetooth tracking device with a loud ringer that allows you to find anything you attach it to using your phone. It also lets you use other devices, such as the TrackR on your keychain to find your phone. Press a button on your keychain TrackR and your phone will give out a loud ring — even if it’s on silent. MORE INFO



This is not your father’s (or your mother’s) keychain. KeySmart is the answer to your jingly, jangly bulky keys rattling around in your pocket. This little gadget holds up to 14 keys and is super durable. It has two 3mm thick plates made of aircraft-grade aluminum and can be customized by adding accessories such as a bottle opener, a USB drive, pocket tools, etc. It comes with a nifty removable clip that allows you to attach it to your pocket, belt or bag. MORE INFO


Cord Taco

Keep your earbuds, USB cables and other gadget cords neatly bundled with the Cord Taco. These half-moon organizers are handmade of genuine leather and come in sets of five. MORE INFO


Snap SmartCam

The Snap SmartCam looks and functions exactly like a standard USB wall charging adapter but comes with a powerful camera that records high-definition video and clear audio. This inconspicuous little gadget has a motion detector that starts recording at the slightest movement.  The recordings have time stamps so you can see when a recording was made. To view recordings, just connect it to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. MORE INFO


Battle Flashlight

Used by the military and police forces for years, this supersonic flashlight is made of tactical grade aluminum and is easy to carry. It is “blindingly bright at 800 lumens” which means you won’t want to have it pointed in your face. On the other hand, it can be used on would-be attackers should you find yourself in a bad situation. The Battle Flashlight has zoom, high, medium, low, strobe and SOS settings. MORE INFO


Siren Song

Another gadget inspired by the military is the Siren Song personal protection alarm which uses ear-piercing sound (over 130 decibels) to deter bad guys. This small device is also useful for notifying others in emergency situations, such as a heart attack or other health condition. The Siren Song can be clipped onto a keychain, belt loop or bag and also comes with a wrist cord.



Even if you are lucky enough to have an auto mechanic you trust 100 percent, you might still want to consider getting FixD, a sensor that plugs directly into your car’s OBD-II port and diagnoses those awfully vague check engine lights. With the FixD app, the sensor will translate in simple, easy to understand terms what your car is trying to tell you. MORE INFO


Trusty Charge

OK, here’s the new Swiss Army Knife for power outages, camping trips or a day at the beach – anywhere you need a charge. 1000mAh Power Bank – check. AM/FM/Weather Radio – check. Bright LED Flashlight – check. Solar Powered – check. Hand Crank to manually recharge the device – check. USB Charger – check. Trusty Charge is weather- and splash-proof and weighs about half a pound making it super easy to take on the go. READ MORE



Finally! A padlock for which you no longer have to remember the combination or where you put the key! Tapplock is the smart fingerprint padlock that unlocks in less than a second with a simple tap. It’s water and weather resistant and can store up to 500 fingerprints for multiple users. The Tapplock app allows you to control access remotely and view access history with time and location. MORE INFO


Karaoke Mike

You call it a three-hour car ride to grandma’s. I call it a three-hour concert starring me. And what better way to pass the time than with the Mike Handheld Wireless Karaoke Microphone? This 2-in-1 design wireless microphone with integrated Bluetooth speaker streams both your voice and the music using a karaoke app. Pair it with the Mike holder for your smartphone to see the words to the music. MORE INFO



You really should give your hands a break. Sospendo can help! This holder is perfect for watching videos, movies or reading on your tablet or smartphone. Its flexible aluminum tube can be shaped to wear around your waist or neck and can be used standing, sitting or lying down. MORE INFO


R2-D2 Droid by Sphero

Meet the newest addition to Sphero’s line of Star Wars droids! This 7-inch remote control toy has Bluetooth capabilities and can be controlled via the Sphero app or with hand movement using Sphero’s Force Band. R2-D2 has all the authentic beeps and chirps, interacts with other Sphero droids and will react to scenes from Star Wars films as you watch together. MORE INFO

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