Managed IT Services in Atlanta Can Help Continuously Secure Mobile Devices

Managed IT services providers in Atlanta must be increasingly mindful of mobile devices in today’s marketplace. Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding substantially. Smartphones, smart cars, smart watches, smart houses, smart manufacturing, big data, cloud computing — the list of applications which are mobile in a sense just seems to get bigger every day. When an entire network can be floated on the cloud such that access and manipulation of said network only require connection to the Internet, people can design architectural assignments in the back of a cab, at home, at the office, on a plane, in an airport, or during a sporting event. Schedules can be established, programs can be optimized, coding can be input: the office can transcend a building and be simultaneously effective and mobile. But if devices aren’t secured, viruses, malware, network issues, and other operational impediments can be expensive.

The following are several things you can do to ensure your mobile usage is at its most secure:

  • Deliberately configure app privacy settings
  • Enable remote device-wiping solutions
  • Immediately establish privacy settings when initiating mobile devices
  • Always lock mobile devices when they aren’t in direct use
  • Ensure reliable backup solutions for mobile devices
  • Disable automatic uploading
  • When not in use, disable Bluetooth
  • Install antivirus/anti-malware protections
  • Establish content filters through your network
  • Ensure your device automatically locks when inactive too long
  • Only install applications you know to be trustworthy
  • Ensure you wipe all devices before you sell them or throw them away

Examining Mobile Device Security Strategies

Managed IT services providers in Atlanta recommend such strategy at the bare minimum, and in certain ways, the right MSP can help you secure a mobile network operating profitably for your business. For example, starting out, an MSP can help you design a protocol which properly initiates privacy settings for all devices that use the company network. Your IT solution can also help you design remote-wipe solutions in the event a device is stolen or otherwise spuriously unaccounted for. These precautions are often advised at the activation of a mobile device for your company.

You want to ensure that devices are locked when not in use, otherwise, hacking them is as simple as picking them up and scrolling through pertinent files. This can also be done remotely. Additionally, backup protocols must be instituted which aren’t automatic. Automatic uploads can be intercepted and exploited if they happen to occur on the wrong network. As your device moves, so do the networks it uses. If an automatic upload takes place at this time, it could easily be intercepted. Backup protocols must establish a secure time and place for backup.

If you’re not using Bluetooth, turn it off. Also, installing antivirus/anti-malware protections makes sense— a reliable provider of managed security in Atlanta can provide effective solutions. They can also help filter content on your network to avoid known threats.

Finally, ensure your devices automatically lock in case you forget, avoid third-party apps when possible, and wipe all data from mobile devices that are sold or discarded.

Securing Your Mobile Network

Managed IT services in Atlanta through MIS Solutions, Inc. can help identify and fortify vulnerabilities in mobile networks. Contact us for reliable mobile device security and more.

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