IT Support in Atlanta: Celebrate the Holidays with Secure Wireless Network

Thanksgiving is a time to make sure everyone gets a fair share of the pumpkin pie. Your company wins when it focuses on its core business while an IT support company in Atlanta handles the technical issues and your customers are satisfied with their experience on your wireless network. Here are key ways of making sure everyone involved with your Wi-Fi network is happy:

Convenient Login Page

An IT support company in Atlanta can set up a web page known as a captive portal where users must log in to access your network. This page allows you to collect information about the user or offer holiday coupons for marketing purposes. The customer will enjoy the security of knowing they are logging into your network instead of a fake hacker network that steals their data.

Let guests have the password to just your secondary network, but don’t give out passwords to your primary network where you keep confidential data. Keep in mind that letting the public use your network opens the door to a cyber attack, so you don’t want strangers penetrating deeper layers of your business. You can provide additional access through sponsors, which are employees who act as gatekeepers to your network, providing special guests with credentials.

Wi-Fi Performance

Your secondary Wi-Fi network only has so much bandwidth, so be conscious of the amount of traffic it can support at one time. Too much congestion can cause sluggish performance, which leaves customers unhappy. Using a network access control (NAC) solution will help make sure your network doesn’t become overcrowded. NAC involves a dashboard that allows you to monitor all the devices on your network.

Customers expect fast access to websites with the ability to stream videos without slowdowns. Chances are, many visitors will want to use your network to access social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If they are not able to communicate with their friends on these popular platforms due to slow connectivity, they may frown upon the experience. So, you will need to plan out the amount of bandwidth allocated to them and develop a backup plan when your secondary network gets too congested.

Monitoring to Maintain Security

Another reason to use NAC solution is that it’s good to know who is using your public Wi-Fi network at all times. Users will need to register to use your Wi-Fi so you can confirm devices that are authorized for access.

Through NAC software, you can set policies that determine rules for your system that protect your business from illegal or nefarious activities. You will need to be compliant with various government regulations so that your business is not held liable. NAC solutions are also useful for “bring-your-own-device” scenarios in the workplace.

An IT support company in Atlanta can help you celebrate the holidays by giving your customers a pleasant experience on your secondary Wi-Fi network. Contact us at MIS Solutions, Inc. to learn more about setting up multiple networks for your business along with other solutions that provide modern experiences for your customers.

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