Managed IT Services in Atlanta Provide a Look at Phishing and Spear-phishing

There are important distinctions between the cyberattacks known as phishing and spear-phishing. Recognizing the nuances of these attacks with the help of our managed IT services in Atlanta will prevent your team from falling victim to the web’s miscreants. Let’s delve into each of these attacks so you can identify and sidestep them with ease.

Spear-phishing in Atlanta

This is a targeted attempt to pilfer important information such as financial data or a user’s name and password from a specific person. The evil-doer obtains personal information about the target, ranging from the name of his employer to the names of his friends, home city or even the places he frequents. He then pretends to be a trusted friend or organization with the latent intent of procuring sensitive information. The attempt to obtain such information is usually made online through email or instant messages, with a managed IT security team in Atlanta your data is protected.

The Difference Between Spear-phishing and Phishing

There are important differences between these two types of attacks. Phishing is more of an overarching term that refers to attempts to fool victims into providing confidential information such as credit card details, login information, etc., for nefarious purposes. The thieves pretend they are legitimate and contact the target online or via phone calls or text.

Phishing attacks are not specifically tailored to the idiosyncrasies of the victim like spear-phishing attacks. Phishing attacks are transmitted to numerous people at once. The purpose of this style of attack is to transmit a spoof email or another form of communication that appears as though it is a legitimate group. The hope is that at least one person will submit their personal information. Even convincing someone to unknowingly download malware can steal the targeted information. This challenge is made all the easier if the target in question has not allied with a managed IT services in Atlanta partner.

The Personalized Nature of Spear-phishing Attacks

Alternatively, spear-phishing keys in on a single target. The messages sent to this target are tailored to his unique identity. The messages are framed to appear as though they are sent from an organization the target is familiar with. These transmissions appear legitimate as they contain personal information. Such an attack requires significant preparation to develop. It should come as no surprise that these attacks often prove successful in fooling targeted victims. Identifying spear-phishing messages is awfully difficult for those who are unaware of this style of digital attack and do not have the assistance of a managed IT services provider in Atlanta.

Anyone who has put his personal information on the web should be cognizant of such attacks. An attacker uses this information to pose as a trustworthy party and transmit a seemingly legitimate message to the target. Add in the fact that such messages typically contain urgent requests and it is easy to see why so many people divulge the requested information.

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