Why Managed IT Services in Atlanta Should Explore Microsegmentation

Microsegmentation tools can be used by managed IT services providers in Atlanta to quarantine malware. It’s a solution for companies to build strong security layers around valuable digital assets. Tech firms such as Juniper Networks, VMware, and Cisco are leading the way providing microsegmentation capabilities for software-determined networking (SDN) products.

Here are ways that microsegmentation can protect your applications and data:

Containing Malware in a Data Center

One of the main reasons managed IT services providers in Atlanta should consider adding microsegmentation tools is that they are effective at keeping malware from spreading. These tools provide firewall capabilities to east-west traffic within a virtualized SDN environment. Your departments can be divided into microsegments on the same physical server to conserve space and add security through compartmentalization. The key is to manage these segments with high security policies. In other words, only certain workers should have access to certain segments.

How Microsegmentation Adds Flexibility

You can make your network security more flexible using software-defined policies when implementing microsegmentation. Proper planning allows you to avoid manual configuration. You can segment your business in a variety of ways and you will be able to control each subnetwork. This type of infrastructure makes it easier to isolate malware. It’s also a practical way to monitor and control the security policies applied to workloads and applications.

There are multiple ways to implement microsegmentation, but you must keep several factors in mind. Users of this technology must be aware of network traffic flow and communication relating to the data center. It helps to use analytical tools that detect traffic patterns when setting firewall policies. Studying analytics will help determine how to organize workloads within the subnet and decide which applications are appropriate. Analytics can further lead to establishing the core of security rules and policy definitions for microsegmentation.

Zero Trust Approach

For microsegmentation to be effective, you must gear your security rules and policies toward a zero trust approach, which means strict enforcement of communication procedures. Forrester Research pioneered the concept of “zero trust architecture” as an alternative to traditional IT infrastructure. It’s based on the notion that every communication requires verification instead of assuming the inner components of a network are safe. The zero trust solution takes into account the user and location, and is designed to identify and stop a lateral threat movement within the network.

Your IT team will need to analyze rules and traffic over time to make adjustments to who is allowed to use your network and access certain applications. At the same time, they need to ensure workloads are consistent. Whenever a server is added to the system, perimeter security must be evaluated to determine if ports need to be opened or blocked. Any changes to perimeter security must be clearly documented so other servers are not affected.

Find out how up-to-date managed IT services in Atlanta are on microsegmentation technology, which can make your business more secure. If you need to find an IT firm that’s more experienced with virtualization, contact us at MIS Solutions, Inc. to learn more. We provide custom security and maintenance solutions that help you focus on your business.

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