IT Support in Atlanta Should Incorporate Backup Solutions for 3 Primary Reasons

Fighting Murphy

IT support in Atlanta is a service that can upgrade your business in terms of infrastructure and operational ability. Still, many businesses fail to incorporate such solutions for a variety of reasons that aren’t necessarily viable. Here’s the thing: no matter how good your primary IT solutions are, if you don’t have some kind of exterior support, Murphy’s Law states that you will need that support when you’re least able to acquire it. Why? Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Likely right as you’re thinking something to the tune of “Boy, I sure hope the system doesn’t crash…”

Here are three concrete reasons that demonstrate the strategic nature behind securing requisite backup support:

  • No DR plan can work as intended without backup
  • Business data cannot be securely protected without backup solutions
  • Compliance predicates backup solutions

Disaster Recovery

IT support in Atlanta can provide you with disaster recovery solutions, but these definitely require some kind of backup solution as well. Often when your system is knocked out, in order to get back online, there will need to be a reboot of some variety. This can be for a number of reasons, from virus incursion to damaged hardware. If you don’t have backup, then when you do the reboot, you’ll be essentially starting from scratch. That’s not really a recovery from a given “disaster,” is it? DR requires backup or it can’t work.

Business Data

You’ve got a lot of critical operations defining your business. Most of these, in today’s world, will be digitally stored one way or another. You’ll have templates for magazine pages which cut the time for developing your monthly magazine in half. You’ll store software processing solutions and designed programs in certain locations, as well as proprietary information pertaining to R&D (Research and Development). You’ll additionally have lists of contacts and prospective buyers, as well as existing loyal clients. You may also have files on competitors which help you to keep your operation one step ahead of them at all times.

There are many things of a professional, business nature that will be stored in your network’s data archives. Without backup and disaster recovery in Atlanta, all these things can be lost in the blink of an eye. There’s no securing such information without a backup solution, so you must have one, whether it is internally-sourced or externally acquired.


Compliance is key to successful operations, especially in the healthcare industry. What is compliance? Well, there are many government regulations when it comes to data and data management. This is especially true as pertains to patients at a hospital. They are vulnerable, and cyber-criminals know they can exploit both the hospital and its patients through ransomware, malware, and other invasive cyber-criminal strategies. The government has instituted compliance to diminish this threat. Now, there is a dual liability involved whereby, after acquiring IT support, the agency providing IT is penalized in addition to their client should the client in question be found out of compliance. This means IT companies providing backup have a double prerogative to provide effective service.


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