Benefits of IT Support in Atlanta with Backup and Disaster Recovery

Companies today are making use of IT support in Atlanta to provide increased leverage. New technologies present companies with numerous opportunities. However, they also introduce some challenges.

Cloud based technologies and new mobile technologies have presented a host of platforms, devices, and apps for IT departments to manage, which also predisposes them to security threats. These challenges convert to significant expenses for enterprises. Expenses include the cost of hiring trained personnel and the purchase of infrastructure to support these technologies. Additionally, you must keep your systems updated and secure.

To effectively manage IT departments, many companies are now making using of IT support to manage these different technologies, as well as provide backup and disaster recovery in Atlanta. Backup prevents loss of data. This support ensures that companies concentrate on their core business issues.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Regardless of your industry, your data is always at risk. This risk can be as a result of:

  • Data security breaches
  • Natural disasters
  • Malicious attacks
  • Machine errors

Companies are required by law to protect pertinent business data. Hence it is important that you have a backup and disaster recovery plan to prepare for any eventualities. Not having a plan can put you at risk of losing your reputation and incurring high costs.

Most organizations cannot afford an unplanned prolonged downtime. Consequently, the need for backup and disaster recovery in Atlanta is great.

Benefits of IT Support with BDR

1. Business Continuity

If your firm experienced downtime due to a man-made or natural disaster, you could not conduct business as usual. These issues cause your business to incur substantial losses.

A backup and data recovery solution ensures that you resume operations quickly after a disaster, and helps you to avoid losing money from extended downtime.

2. Company Reputation

Downtime will not only drain your business financially; the long-term reputation costs are even more detrimental. Customers and other stakeholders will begin losing trust in your business if it does not meet its obligations.

Reputation costs are significant in any enterprise. Adopting a BDR IT solution ensures that your reputation does not get destroyed due to prolonged downtime.

3. Prevents Loss of Business

Today customers have access to numerous alternatives and the more competitive pressure your clients face, the more a downtime could jeopardize your business by causing your clients to turn to competitors.

Small businesses are more affected due to a loss of customers. The cost of acquiring new customers is extremely high as compared to the cost of retaining existing clients. The use of backup and disaster recovery IT support in Atlanta helps you reduce customer turnover by ensuring you are always able to serve your customers.

4. Compliance with Legal Regulations

Companies do not only seek to protect their data, but they also are subject to stringent legal requirements to protect stakeholder data. Backup and disaster recovery will ensure that your company continues with no compliance violations and legal issues that pertain to data loss.

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