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IT services in Atlanta are going to be an increasing necessity as your business grows. But every business must climb that initial hill to profitability. It’s nice to have a secretary, it’s nice to have a second-in-command… shoot, it’s nice to have any employees, but until your business has made it to a level sufficient for the sustenance of profitable activity, this is a cost you probably can’t afford. What happens as a result? Well, when you’re starting out, you end up doing most of the work yourself. Selling, presenting, and organizing must be done by you and you only. Thankfully, modern tech solutions make this more doable than it has been.


Your smartphone has more technological capability than the entirety of NASA when man initially went to the moon. It’s got more power than iMacs in their multi-colored housings circa 2000 A.D. In point of fact, modern smartphones are rivaling the laptops available on the market even in the last decade— granted, these are going to be the less expensive options.
Still, right now, the most powerful smartphone on the market is likely the Mate 9. This phone has a 1.8GHz processor and 4GB of Random Access Memory (RAM). It’s got 64 gigs storage, which can be expanded to 256GB with an SD card. For reference, some of the newer Lenovo IdeaPads only have twice the RAM and four times the storage of the Mate 9’s highest level. As far as processing power is concerned, you’re looking at between 2.4 and 3.6 GHz. That’s between 1.3 and 2 times the processing power of the Mate 9. Basically, you’ve got all the power of a laptop from top-of-the-line producers only a few years ago with this phone. And you can get them super cheap under contract— likely for less money than a laptop like the IdeaPad.

Maximizing Resources

So, using a phone like that, talk with a provider of IT services in Atlanta to determine what kind of applications you can upload. You may find there are more than you expected which can facilitate things like:

  • Taking Notes and Composing Documents
  • Making Sales
  • Giving Presentations

Evernote is an application you can download on a phone like the Mate 9 which will allow you to take notes and share them on virtually any computer. Square allows you to run credit cards from your phone, so you can sell a guy on an airplane, in a cab, or on the street if the opportunity comes. With MightyMeeting, you can compose up to a 60-slide PowerPoint presentation, and go even larger if you get the pro version. A lot of applications like this have data reservoirs on the cloud, which allows you to spare no expense in the composition of such presentations. You can literally dream one up on the ride from your home to the meeting, and it’ll look like you spent hours on it.

Consultation, Implementation, And More

IT services in Atlanta need not assist you only with in-house server arrays or transitioning an established office to the cloud. You can also maximize your technological powers with that which you have, and so grow your business to the level you seek. Contact MIS Solutions for assistance establishing yourself in the ever-expanding technological wonderland of today.

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