Do You Have a Backup Managed IT Services Provider in Atlanta Like in Baseball?

What an MSP Provider Should Do

Managed IT services providers in Atlanta need to take a page from baseball. In baseball, players work in a main capacity and also have a backup capacity. The pitcher backs up the third baseman, as an example. An MSP provider should backup your data in a similar way. As a matter of fact, there are eight things a good MSP will do for your company and a bad MSP won’t. Advantages to look for include:

  1. Data will never be unrecoverable
  2. Reduction of downtime and unplanned outages
  3. Simple, effective, continuous communication
  4. Professionals who follow up with clients and follow through
  5. Guidance that’s truly strategic, not upselling
  6. Measurable benefits in terms of cost, optimization, budget, etc.
  7. Flat-rate models
  8. A team of knowledgeable professionals


Managed IT services in Atlanta worth what you pay for them will never lose data. If it’s lost, it will be recoverable. A company that loses data is playing too fast and loose. Either they’re underhanded, new to the game, or bad at what they do. Whatever the case, data is an integral quotient of operations and you shouldn’t trust it to under-qualified personnel.


There are always going to be instances where downtime and outages can’t be avoided. Your best bet is to budget them in. Here’s the thing: you shouldn’t have to budget more than a handful in over the course of several years. The better the MSP, the fewer the outages and downtime instances your company will have to contend with. If you’ve had more than several this year alone, it may be time to find a new MSP.


Sometimes, clear communication can save millions, depending on the size and scope of a given business. You want clear communication with your MSP, an always available help desk, and follow-through.

Checking In and Fixing Problems

Communication itself isn’t enough. You need action coupled with that communication. You don’t want lip-service, you want follow-through. And once you’ve been dealt with, the right MSP will check with you again to ensure there’s nothing else which requires immediate attention.

Truly Strategic Guidance

Cut-rate, underhanded, under-skilled, and burgeoning MSPs have a tendency to upsell you under the guise of strategic guidance. True, sometimes advice costs money to implement, but not always. Ensure an MSP boasting strategic guidance isn’t just putting new vocabulary to their sales program.

Measurable Benefits

You should be able to look at the numbers before a new MSP was brought aboard and after. Improvement should be clearly visible across multiple metrics.

Flat-Rate Models

Break-fix service— or “pay as you go”— usually cost you more in the long run. Flat-rate models put a prerogative on an MSP which prods them to continuously monitor and maintain systems. If something goes down, they lose money.

A Professional Team

Some MSPs are just a half dozen guys in a basement. Only one guy ever comes out to your site. You need a real MSP with a team of dedicated, securely operating, successful professionals.

The Extra Mile

Managed IT services in Atlanta through MIS Solutions, Inc. are facilitated by a professional team at a flat-rate. Benefits are measurable, guidance is truly strategic, follow-through and follow-ups are top-tier, communication is our gold-standard, we curtail downtime and outages, and we won’t lose your data. Contact us for reliable MSP support.

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