Cyber Security Trends to Consider When Hiring a Managed IT Services Provider in Atlanta

There are continuous advances in the world of technology and these developments come with new threats to cyber security. Therefore, you should understand the potential risks and changes in the industry when hiring a managed IT services provider in Atlanta for your business. In the past, commercial digital networks consisted primarily of desktop computers.

This structure made network security easier and more manageable. Moreover, there were fewer incidents involving data loss and general company attacks. Recently, this has changed as more advanced elements have been introduced into commercial networks. Here are the most important trends that you should understand with regard to modern cyber security:

Mobile Devices are Standard in Commercial Operations

Mobile devices have become crucial for commercial IT setups. They improve convenience in the workplace because employees can work outside their workstations and office buildings. Tablets and smartphones also have advanced features which allow people to access virtual desktops and other cloud computing services for telecommuting functions.

On the other hand, the availability of mobile devices creates a point of vulnerability for businesses. Unlike desktop computers, phones, tablets, and portable computers can be moved out of the premises. This makes them more vulnerable to theft and hacking. Therefore, when creating your cyber security strategy with a managed security expert in Atlanta, you must ensure that your MSP can secure your mobile devices.

In simple terms, these devices should be secured like any other critical elements in the network. They should have anti-malware, intrusion protection, and web filters to prevent hacking. In addition, there should be remote control features in the security setup. This will allow the managed IT services provider in Atlanta to encrypt or delete the data if the device is stolen.

There are Increased Risks in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is the most recent development in the technology industry. In the past, it was merely a concept. Now, it is a process which is being incorporated in numerous industries. The IoT allows the interconnection and internetworking of digital devices without physical contact between the involved elements.

However, this presents cyber security vulnerabilities because the devices use sensors to communicate over the cloud and the Internet. A malicious hacker can interfere with or hijack the signals. To enhance your security, you must ensure that your data is protected against damage by external entities. Discuss with your MSP the measures like encryption which you can take to avoid any detriments.

Cyber Security Stakes are Higher than Before

In the past, the primary concern after hacking was loss of data, financial losses, and decreased productivity. With the increased use of IoT, there are greater threats that plague commercial setups. This can be attributed to the fact that the Internet of Things does not only involve computers, phones, and tablets.

All objects with smart technology, sensors, and other electronic elements— including buildings— are vulnerable. Therefore, the stakes are higher for cyber security, especially in commercial setups. You should not settle for simple measures against threats. Ensure that your business has protective software and hardware as well as monitoring services.

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