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When opening up a new business, the list of things to do is never-ending. Permits and licenses must be obtained, state and local tax IDs have to be applied for, office space must be found, equipment needs to be bought, staff must be hired and trained, and on and on. Mapping out a technology strategy is also a critical item that must be addressed before turning on the “open” sign. But most businesses are constrained by tight operating budgets during the initial startup period.

Budgeting for an internal IT person is usually out of the question and finding an IT support company you know will go above and beyond to get your project off the ground can be a shot in the dark. Such was the case of JTC Tools USA when it relaunched and expanded its operations to the United States in May 2016.  Luckily for Gary Chang, president of the U.S. subsidiary, a close friend of his (an MIS client) recommended he seek out MIS Solutions to help him get the business up and running.

JTC Tools is an automotive tools manufacturer and distributor and has been a market leader in Taiwan for more than 30 years. It’s a family-owned company specializing in tools used in Asian, European and American service and repair centers. Businesses in more than 70 countries worldwide depend on the company for their products. JTC Tools USA sells directly to wholesalers, e-commerce stores, and body shops and service centers.

Despite its being a market leader in Taiwan, JTC Tools had limited success in the U.S. market in the past and needed to adopt a different business model. To remedy the situation, JTC Tools cut its ties with a California distributor and relaunched its brand name, opening its U.S. headquarters and warehouse in Suwanee, Ga.

Gary admitted that he is not a technology expert, so he needed an IT services provider who would take charge and be a one-stop-shop for all things IT. “As a new, small start-up company trying to win a share of the U.S. market, I need my people and myself to focus on growing the business instead of worrying about IT,” he said. “My friend had a great experience working with MIS, so I was comfortable hiring them.” He added that Derek, his account manager, and Taylor and Brendan, the engineers who visited his site took the time to listen to him to fully understand what his business needs were.

With 80 percent of its business coming from wholesalers, having reliable email and a stable phone system are crucial to JTC Tools USA operations. But the space it leased was in a new construction building; therefore, internet fiber had not been installed by the time JTC Tools moved in. It usually takes a couple of months for internet service providers to install lines, which presented a problem for JTC and the other tenants of the building. “It’s hard to run a business without internet and phone lines,” said Gary. “But MIS was able to find an alternative solution so we could run the business while we were waiting for the fiber to be installed.” The experts at MIS Solutions installed a wireless CradlePoint device that allowed Gary and his staff to access Verizon’s 4G network. While the other tenants of the building twiddled their thumbs waiting for the fiber buildout to the facility, JTC Tools USA was able to forge ahead.

Once fiber was installed, the company migrated to MIS Solutions’ Greenlight Cloud and purchased its Greenlight phone system. Cost was a factor in Gary’s decision to utilize MIS Solutions’ private cloud. Without the exorbitant outlay of cash for new servers and equipment, he was able to keep his costs contained. “MIS’s cloud solution was very cost effective. It saved me money, and when you’re a start-up company every little bit helps.”

The security of a private cloud coupled with the added protection of Greenlight Rapid Recovery eliminates the worry of whether his data is safe and easily retrievable in the event of a disaster. MIS not only backs up its clients’ files, but it also runs frequent test backups and restores to ensure that its clients can get back to work quickly.

With its voice over internet protocol phone system running across the newly installed fiber, phone stability and clarity have improved greatly. Gary and his staff don’t have to fret about dropped calls while speaking with potential customers.

“We’ve been very happy with MIS Solutions,” said Gary. “Everybody is very helpful and always willing to find a solution to any issue that comes up. When we call the help desk, we get a response right away. That is so important for small, startups like us. Our business depends on fast internet and a stable phone system. With MIS taking care of everything, I can concentrate on growing the business.”

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