5 Reasons to Get a New Phone System with the Help of a Reliable Atlanta Managed IT Services Provider

Businesses are continually receiving phone calls — luckily, our Atlanta managed IT services company specializes in providing VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to companies of all sizes. VoIP is a phone system that uses the internet instead of a landline. Users can still use a phone device, but they can also answer incoming calls on a tablet or a personal computer. Besides convenience, here are five reasons why businesses should consider migrating to a new phone system:

1. Lower Price

Small businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs and save money. As you know, phone bills are always on the rise and can become very costly in a short amount of time. Unlike regular phone lines, VoIP offers better features at a much lower price. Instead of paying an expensive monthly phone bill, you can save that money or spend it elsewhere.

2. Limit Missed Phone Calls

Are you tired of missing important phone calls from clients? Are your customers getting frustrated with leaving voicemails? Luckily, VoIP offers state-of-the-art features that will transfer the phone call to your personal cell phone or home phone until you are reached. With this system in place, you will keep clients happy and never have to worry about being out of the office.

3. Conference and Teleconference Calls

Conference calls are becoming increasingly common, and your business will benefit with the latest phone system technology. As you may know, most companies cannot afford to buy multiple software programs for conferences, and VoIP supports teleconferences and other add-on features at a much cheaper rate. Through the use of conference calls, your business will continue to grow without costing a fortune.

4. Better Integration

Are you usually away from the office or on business trips? Do you plan to work more at home? Our Atlanta managed IT services team seamlessly integrates VoIP to meet all of your business needs on the road or at home. Our mobile forwarding system is easily accessible through a built-in app that will help you stay productive at any location. These simple yet innovative integration techniques will help you save time and money.

5. Restrict After Business Hour Phone Calls

Are you tired of getting interrupted after work while eating dinner with your family? A healthy work life balance is critical for your well-being and VoIP provides a great feature that will limit any phone calls after a specified time period. Spending time with your family is important, and you will no longer have to worry about continually receiving business-related phone calls after work. You can also change the specified time at any moment, which offers great flexibility, unlike a regular phone line.

Transferring your office into a new phone system has never been more easy and effective. At MIS Solutions, we have been providing Atlanta businesses managed IT services since 1995. Whether you need a computer-based phone system or technical assistance, our team will help you with all your questions and needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us today and we will immediately begin the seamless transition to a computer-based phone system.

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