Meet Luke, Our April Pet of the Month

Meet Luke, Our April Pet of the Month

Our sweet pet of the month belongs to Vicki Fulgham at Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram. According to Vicki, Luke is a sweet pup who enjoys long romantic walks to the mailbox. Luke is one smart cookie – he knows how to tell time. Vicki says he knows when it’s 4:30 and time to retrieve all those envelopes and junk mail. “He will come to you and look into your eyes and tap you with his foot until you let him out the back door to go get the mail.”

Even though Luke could be considered a senior at age 13, he still has pep in his step and often runs – off leash no less – to help fetch the mail. Luke doesn’t actually fetch the mail, but he likes to accompany the humans on their trek to the postal box.

Luke has been a member of the Fulgham family since birth. He, along with eight brothers and sisters, was born on the family’s front porch.

For being named our April Pet of the Month, Luke has won a goody basket from Pooch N Paws Pet Boutique with more than $40 in treats and toys hand selected just for him.

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