How to Prevent Compartmentalization for Better Managed IT Services in Atlanta

Compartmentalization Isn’t for Your MSP

Managed IT services in Atlanta, which adhere to a doctrine of compartmentalization, are apt to fall into a tribalism trap. When departments are cut off from one another and only deal with each other piecemeal, there’s likely going to be conflict. This is because compartmentalized IT groups will usually only deal with one another internally when critical issues arise.

Critical issues often facilitate emotional response. Emotional responses are an impediment to a streamlined operation. When you’ve got an “us versus them,” “Army versus Navy,” “FBI versus CIA” approach to operations, collusion becomes difficult — it’s like working for the enemy. But the Army and Navy are part of the same government, as is the FBI and the CIA. Likewise, marketing, acquisitions, maintenance, research and development, and other areas of operation are all part of the same business model in your MSP. So, why should these departments be separated into disparate groups at odds with one another? There’s no reason, except poor management from the very top.

If you’re the manager who has facilitated this unnecessary tribal rivalry, about-face and restructure things to have greater transparency between departments. If you see this trend arising in your organization, it’s time to nip that poisonous flower in the bud before it ends up costing everybody.

Unfortunately, sometimes tribal tendencies emanate from the departments themselves. Because lines of communications aren’t always open, inter-office rivalries can arise naturally. If you want your managed IT services in Atlanta to rise above the rest, you need to recognize this reality of human nature and work to correct it.

Organic Solutions

Start from the ground up. Establish strategy, mission statements and operational ethics which promote communication, collusion and unified operations. After you’ve educated your varying departments as to the proper mode of egress, you’ll have to help them make the right communicative connections  — this can be the difficult part, but having a meeting where communication issues are addressed and redressed can definitely help. One of the best ways to do this is to show everyone where they fit into the overall scheme of things. How does marketing affect billing, how does distribution work in conjunction with client acquisition, what’s the time frame involved? A salesman who doesn’t know how long it takes to get materials or personnel on-site will have a tough time selling to clients who want exact information.

Scheduling Improvement

Of course, business can’t be halted for team-building exercises perpetually. Look at your year’s operational cycle and schedule such meetings when there’s a dearth of client acquisition and the ubiquity of “free time.” Before Christmas, you’re likely to have a very busy schedule. In the middle of January, things are going to slow down. Also, it’s colder than most months, and the excitement of the new year is offset by the depression of the new year. It’s a perfect time to build relationships and have a debriefing which pertains to the previous year’s successes and failures.

A Well-Oiled Machine

Avoiding interoffice squabbles throughout your MSP involves:

  • Streamlined Communication
  • Rejecting Tribalism
  • Open Discussion
  • Ground-Up Training

Managed IT services in Atlanta which employ these techniques will likely see increased profits. We at MIS Solutions Inc. are against tribal divisions hampering MSP operations. It’s our stance that a big component of trustworthy IT is harmony between workers facilitating services. For more information about services, contact us today!

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