Top 3 Problems Solved With Cloud Computing in Atlanta

Top 3 Problems Solved With Cloud Computing in Atlanta

Cloud Computing solves the following 3 problems:

  1. Minimizes risks, costs, and hassles of failed internet, power and lack of redundant computing systems.
  2. Helps you avoid heavy outlays of cash for newer and faster hardware and software.
  3. Simplifies your computing total cost of ownership.  Computing becomes a simple service instead of an asset to own, manage, secure, backup, insure, maintain license compliance and depreciate over time.

The 3 biggest benefits of cloud computing are:

  1. Freedom of EASY anywhere, anytime, and any device access to business information. (No setup, software or configuration required.)
  2. Expand and contract technology based on usage.  No longer need to purchase hardware, software and desktops for growth.  Pay for what you use.
  3. Highly stable, secure, and reliable computer platform – available with just an internet connection.

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