Chris Ellison

Your Process Is Invaluable Because It Lets Us Overlay Business Priorities To Make Good Technology Choices

One of the things I like best about your company, is that there is “no box” when it comes to solving problems. MIS has a more diverse way of looking at things and finding creative ways to address our needs. When we have a problem or risk on the network, your group outlines not one, but multiple choices for us to resolve it and you explain the consequences, pros and cons of each choice. That process is invaluable because it lets us overlay business priorities to make good technology choices.

Your response time to emergencies has been fast. It’s just been so much better than anyone I’ve experienced in the past 24 years. I also appreciate that if I see something that could cause problems, your team is on it – they are ready and take charge. This is a huge step forward from our previous provider who had a tendency to wait until there was a major problem or system crash before addressing the early warning signals I reported.

Overall, I’m pleased with your service delivery and team’s responsiveness. I’ve already recommended your firm to others in our industry because I see the value that your program brings to minimize technology hassles, and when things do go wrong like updates or internet connectivity issues, I know you are there to help us through it fast and effectively.

Operations Manager at Carriage Automotive Group