How IT Services in Orange County Can Help You Avoid a Digital Waterhole Attack

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IT services providers in Orange County want to inform you about waterhole attack. Consider this: at a waterhole in Africa, a gazelle may be wrangled suddenly into turbulent muddy waters by a hungry crocodile. This is a watering hole attack.

IT Companies in Orange County: Why You Are at Risk of Data Breach

Did you know that instances of data breach have been on the rise past? By now, it's sure that you have heard of the sad tales of companies that suffered data leaks and breaches and the avalanche of after-effects that followed. As companies strive to secure their networks to guard against these breaches, it is important for you to join in this endeavor.

Orange County IT Support: The Difference Between a Business Continuity & a Disaster Recovery Plan

The terms "business continuity" and "disaster recovery" are often heard interchangeably in the workplace. Orange County IT support experts can help your company understand the differences between these essential services. Both of these terms share similar characteristics, but it is important that your business incorporates both of these principles to ensure that your company is well-prepared for any situation.

IT Services in Orange County: Managed Services or Cloud Computing?

IT services in Orange County are a boon for companies who are expanding but finding it difficult to cope with the extra technological pressures. Often, smaller companies do not have the budget to be able to have an IT team that can not only troubleshoot any issues but can develop the infrastructure to match the expansion of the business.

How Orange County IT Support Can Keep Your Printer Secure

Many businesses fail to realize the importance of using a secure printer. Orange County IT support can help your company avoid making this common mistake. An unsecured printer that is connected online is highly vulnerable because it can give an outside party access to your confidential documents.

Secure Your Mobile Devices with the Help of IT Companies in Orange County

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face the same threat from cybersecurity issues as the biggest companies. The problem is that SMBs often lack the understanding, or even resources, to cope with the danger. Don’t let your size leave you vulnerable to mobile device security dangers.

IT Services in Orange County: 3 Ways to Recover a Hacked Email Account

An IT services provider in Orange County can help your business recover any compromised emails accounts. However, many companies fail to realize that their password information has been stolen. Fortunately, an IT provider can help you see if your account has been compromised by searching through an information database that hackers and malicious software have released publicly.

Improving Your Workflow with IT Companies in Orange County

It is the continual pursuit of every business to find new ways to cut costs, increase the profit margin, and up the productivity. In this day and age of fierce competition and readily available technology solutions, it’s not enough just to have the technology in your business.

Why You Need an Orange County IT Support with Authentication Expertise

How much does your Orange County IT support team know about internet security? If they lack a deep understanding of why authentication is a priority, it's time to find a more advanced crew. Not only should your technical consultant be knowledgeable about the evolution of online security and cybercrime, they should be on the cutting edge of finding new solutions.

How an IT Consultant in Los Angeles Can Help Thwart Cyberattacks

Despite investments in network security solutions, businesses need the help of a reliable IT consultant in Los Angeles to combat new cyber threats, especially VPNFilter. The malware has affected businesses and end-users severely, as reported by the FBI in partnership with the Cyber Threat Alliance and Talos.