MIS Support for Windows 7 Devices Ending

If you are still using a Windows 7 operating system device, you might soon have problems accessing the Greenlight Cloud. Microsoft ended support for the Windows 7 OS on January 14, 2020, which meant that those computers would no longer receive important security and performance updates and patches.

Should the Windows Search Index Be Enabled?

You need to find a document in your computer files but just can’t remember where you saved it. Sound familiar? Or perhaps you need to retrieve an email that contains important information about an upcoming meeting with a client. Not to worry. That’s what the search function is for, right? So you type in the search bar the title or subject of your search and there is it.

How to configure your new Windows 10 laptop

Got a new laptop? Windows 10 includes some wonderful features along with a revamped interface for Microsoft’s operating system. No matter how experienced you are with Windows, you still may need help getting used to this, so let’s get you started. #1 Check for updates Your new laptop should check for updates automatically, but you […]