Employee Resilience and Cloud Computing Rescues Puerto Rican Company in the Midst of Devastation

In 2017, Hurricane Maria unleashed a fury of destruction in Puerto Rico that had never been seen in the island’s recorded history. Almost 3,000 people died in the storm and its aftermath, making it the deadliest Atlantic hurricane since Mitch in 1998.

“I was in Atlanta but it was still a traumatic experience both on a professional and personal level,” said Janyra Perez.

You’re Fired!

How One MIS Client Learned That the Grass is Not Always Greener
Back in 2014 one of MIS’s favorite clients gave us the pink slip. We were pretty surprised given that we had been providing pretty darn good IT support to them for about 10 years. So what happened was…the client’s on-premises hardware was showing its age and beginning to behave badly.

How One Small Tweak Increased Productivity by 25 Percent or More

It had been two hours and still no solution was in sight. With every tick of the clock, thousands of dollars were flying out the door. No access to critical business systems left employees twiddling their thumbs, checking their personal social media accounts on their phones and doing anything else to occupy time while waiting on the IT vendor to restore systems.

An Orderly Overhaul

How Borrmann Metal Company Underwent a Complete Network Rebuild Without Disruption
Most people have a certain pain threshold they’re willing to tolerate during those infrequent occasions when their technology misbehaves – it is technology, after all, and technology is not perfect.