How Managed IT Services in Atlanta Can Streamline a Mobile Workplace

Since mobile connectivity is a leading business trend of the past decade, managed IT services in Atlanta is a viable option to help implement a mobile workplace. After all, about half the population uses smartphones or tablets for their primary communication.

Managed IT Services in Atlanta Can Be Instrumental in Determining SSO Applicability

Managed IT services providers in Atlanta have been able to help many businesses reduce expenses through Single Sign-On (SSO) implementation. If you're unfamiliar, this is basically a software solution which consolidates login data so that you can sign on one time and be "logged on" across various social media, emails, and network programs.

Implications of BYOD on Data Security and the Need for Working with Managed IT Services in Atlanta

Business networks and device management systems today look a lot different than they did a few years ago. One of the major changes is the increasing use of mobile devices, both company-issued and personal services. The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies held by many companies today allow employees to use their personal devices for work purposes.

Establish Lifelines in Terms of Security for Your Business with Managed IT Services in Atlanta

Managed IT services firms in Atlanta advise that you protect your business in several ways which usually require external IT solutions. There are all kinds of ways that your operation can be maligned--- some of them aren't even intentional. Also, internal solutions are limited in terms of both contemporary and professional auspices by your budget.

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard by Fiber Providers

What Your IT Support Company Should Tell You Before Adding Fiber
Fiber-Optic is rapidly becoming the gold standard in internet connectivity for businesses both small and large. The quality of and speed at which data is transmitted are far superior to that of traditional copper cable.

The Costliest Cybersecurity Misconceptions and Why You Need a Managed IT Services Provider in Atlanta

The life and soul of any business today is in the cyberspace. The last thing you need is banking your cybersecurity on a horde of misconceptions and myths. Below are some of the cybersecurity misconceptions (and consequences) that a managed IT services provider in Atlanta can help to safeguard against.

Managed IT Services Experts in Atlanta Advise “Huddle” Rooms for Better Videoconferencing

Managed IT services experts in Atlanta often direct businesses which must conduct regular video conferences to consider the "huddle" approach. The more "moving parts" something has, the more complicated it is, and the more skill is necessary to use that thing.

Working with Managed IT Services Professionals in Atlanta to Maximize MFA

What Is MFA?
Managed IT services experts in Atlanta advise businesses to pursue MFA for proper management of mobile devices. MFA stands for "Multi-Factor Authentication". It's a kind of MDM, or Mobile Device Management. When someone goes to access your network remotely, a message is sent to a secondary device with a code.

Improving Security Through Multi-Factor Authentication with Managed IT Services in Atlanta

Managed IT services firms in Atlanta advise providing multiple avenues of security identification for network access. There are a number of reasons why; mainly this: if you've only got single-factor authentication, then all a cybercriminal has to do is steal access credentials and they can steal or manipulate your data.

Managed IT Services in Atlanta: Protect Yourself Against the Dangers of Public Wi-Fi

Managed IT services experts in Atlanta advise against regularly using public Wi-Fi. In fact, even sporadic usage can work against you, and for a number of reasons. On a basic level, you don't have control over public internet options, but it goes a lot deeper than that.