The Scary Statistics About Cybersecurity You Need to Know, and How a Managed IT Services Provider in Atlanta Can Strengthen Your Security

Many people aren’t sure what managed IT services providers in Atlanta are or what they can provide. In fact, most business owners don’t have an IT department and don’t outsource. This means that they are more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. Did you know that almost half (43 percent) of all cyber-attacks are focused on small companies? It’s worrisome for business owners, but your IT department or outsourced services are there to help.

Managed IT Services in Atlanta: How a VPN Service Protects Your Business

Nowadays, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are essential to data security of any business that does not want its customer data compromised and its reputation besmirched. Every now and then, we hear news about data breaches and the catastrophic effects that follow.

3 Key Network Security Problems You Should Be Aware Of as Explained by IT Services Experts in Atlanta

The worst thing that can ever happen to an individual or a firm is to be hit by a hacking attack which they are unsure of its origin. Most of the hacking attacks that happen both to personal and corporate computers and networks can be traced to network security problems that might have been overlooked.

Managed IT Services Experts in Atlanta Inform You These Top Four Challenges to BYOD

According to managed IT services experts in Atlanta, one of the fastest growing trends in business is "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD). This trend involves employees using their personal devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets to do work for their employer.

Managed IT Services in Atlanta: Maintaining IT Security with Firmware and Patch Management

Most businesses today know how important it is to keep their data safe with the help of managed IT services providers in Atlanta. Patch management and firmware are among the security measures taken to ensure device and network security. Business owners must always secure their software and hardware.

How IT Services in Atlanta Can Protect Your Data Backups from Ransomware

Ransomware is a top concern for many businesses, but the use of IT services in Atlanta can keep your data backups well-protected. Of course, ransomware can strike at any time and cause significant expenses for any company that chooses not to partner with a managed service provider.

Securing Wireless Systems with IT Services in Atlanta

Wireless computer networking has revolutionized the way business is done. From mobile computing to security cameras and Internet of Things (IoT), the benefits of wireless network technologies are driving revenues, efficiencies, and profitability, while at the same time spawning fresh business channels and products.

Keep Your Cybersecurity Intact with IT Support in Atlanta

Halloween is here, yet there might not be anything scarier than a cybersecurity attack that cripples your operations. Our IT support team in Atlanta is here to help you prevent such an attack and keep your operations humming along like a well-oiled machine.

IT Support in Atlanta: How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Cybercriminals have become more sophisticated in infiltrating corporate networks. Being aware of this fact, IT support providers in Atlanta offer dependable solutions to protect businesses from hackers. Ransomware has taken lead as the most successful mode of intrusion by hackers, which is executed in the form of malicious emails, advertisements, and compromised URLs. Attacks such as SamSam, Wannacry, and VPNFilter are perfect examples of the crippling effects of a ransomware attack, with the potential to bankrupt a business.