Get to Know Brian Nyagumbirira, Project Engineer

Brian Nyagumbirira (pronounced n y aa-goom-bee-ree-rah) joined MIS earlier this year and works on our world-class projects team. As a young boy living in Hillside, Harare in Zimbabwe, Brian dreamed of being an engineer. But having lost both his parents when he was only 15 and having little means to further his education, Brian’s hopes of ever becoming an engineer looked dim.

Get to Know Malan Joubert, Help Desk Engineer

Malan just celebrated his one-year anniversary with MIS Solutions in April and we couldn’t be happier to have him on our team. As one of our ace engineers, Malan consistently receives 100-percent satisfaction scores from the clients he assists. He was born and still lives in Westonaria, Gauteng, a town located about 25 miles west of Johannesburg in South Africa.

Get to Know Neil Kruger, Help Desk Engineer

Neil joined MIS Solutions in May of 2018 and immediately made a great impression on our clients. “I love working with Neil,” “He’s great,” and “Neil is very prompt and responsive” are just a few of the comments we hear on a regular basis. In other words, Neil is an MIS Rock Star who loves tackling tough technology problems but hates bugs – both computer bugs and real ones.

Get to Know Sasha Sato-Smith

Sasha has been delighting clients of MIS Solutions for more than five years now. He came onboard in 2013 and has since worked his way up to the position of Team Lead for our Orange County location. His teammates describe him as loyal and committed and always willing to lend a hand to help others in the office.

Get to Know Derek West, Integrator/Client Account Manager

Derek joined MIS Solutions a little over a year ago but he was by no means “new” to MIS. He was previously employed with a company, which has since been shuttered, that was a long-time client. In his role there he had a working relationship with Jennifer, Lliam and the team at MIS. Derek is an avid golfer who attended the University of West Georgia on a golf scholarship.

Get to Know Chris Wayne, AKA Batman!

Many of our clients met Chris Wayne when he traveled to the United States for training shortly after joining MIS in April of 2017. He is one of our rockin’ South African team members who began his career at MIS Solutions as a help desk engineer. Today he works on enterprise accounts working closely with their IT managers and end users.