The Business Advantages of Moving to the Cloud

Cloud computing has grown tremendously over the last 10+ years. As of 2020, close to 50% of corporate data is stored in the cloud. So, what are the business advantages of moving to the cloud? After speaking with hundreds of our clients, we have found that it comes down to 4 key benefits – scalability, geography, compliance and cost.

Employee Resilience and Cloud Computing Rescues Puerto Rican Company in the Midst of Devastation

In 2017, Hurricane Maria unleashed a fury of destruction in Puerto Rico that had never been seen in the island’s recorded history. Almost 3,000 people died in the storm and its aftermath, making it the deadliest Atlantic hurricane since Mitch in 1998.

“I was in Atlanta but it was still a traumatic experience both on a professional and personal level,” said Janyra Perez.

You’re Fired!

How One MIS Client Learned That the Grass is Not Always Greener
Back in 2014 one of MIS’s favorite clients gave us the pink slip. We were pretty surprised given that we had been providing pretty darn good IT support to them for about 10 years. So what happened was…the client’s on-premises hardware was showing its age and beginning to behave badly.

Managed IT Services in Atlanta: Determining What Cloud Options Best Fit Your Business

At Heathrow airport in England, cloud computing was used to help launch an application which allowed for real-time baggage tracking for flyers. Managed IT services in Atlanta can help your business design similar applications which provide convenience for those you serve and incidentally reduce the workload on your own company.

IT Services Firms in Atlanta Ask, ‘Are You Truly Ready to Migrate to the Cloud?’

Migrating from legacy in-house systems to a cloud architecture can give companies more agility and velocity to respond to today's fast-paced world. What is not always discussed, however, is the potential failure of such a migration. That's why experts on IT services in Atlanta ask every client "Are you truly ready to migrate to the cloud?"

Here are seven factors to consider before migration:
Are Your Current Applications Compatible with Cloud Architecture?
Some legacy software applications are made to run on in-house systems with set network connections.

Public Cloud or Private Cloud: The Key Differences According to IT Support in Atlanta

Cloud computing has revolutionized the world of IT from a business perspective, according to experts on IT support in Atlanta. It offers businesses the ability to store their data and documents in a place where they are easily accessed. When a business is making the decision to use the cloud, they face a critical decision: public cloud or private?

In general, cloud computing refers to a shared pool of computer resources that are easily configured and provisioned as needed.

IT Services in Atlanta: Is Healthcare Information Safe in the Cloud?

Cybersecurity has always been a matter of concern for all IT services providers in Atlanta. The trend today has seen many businesses including healthcare organizations storing their data in the cloud. Healthcare providers are seeking to save money while at the same time reducing their administrative burden, and cloud computing in Atlanta has made it possible.

Advantages of Private Cloud Support Through IT Services Firms in Atlanta

IT services in Atlanta can be one of the most integral components in a successful business model for organizations that are innovative. Certainly, non-innovative businesses stand to benefit as well, but especially as regards security and utility, businesses that are breaking new ground really stand to see an advantage from cloud computing in Atlanta featuring private options.

How Law Firms Can Maximize Cloud Solutions and IT Services in Atlanta

Moving to the cloud is a major convenience and cost-cutting strategy for many businesses that work with IT services providers in Atlanta. Many law firms have been slow at adopting cloud technology partly because of concerns about storing confidential data.